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  • Complete the Wildlife Hospital
  • Open the Hospital in April 2011

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The Hope for Wildlife Society has been working hard towards opening Nova Scotia's first Wildlife Veterinary Hospital. Currently, all veterinary care is provided by a hospital 30 minutes away from the centre. Transporting the animals causes unnessessary stress and costs us time and money. We've already acquired much of the necessary equipment for an on-site hospital: our surgical suite and exam area are fully equipped with all the necessary supplies. What we still need is equipment for our diagnostic lab (centrifuge, microscopes, analyzer equipment)  and radiology suite. (xray and table) With these final peices of equipment in place, our hospital will be ready for inspection. Our goal is to have the official opening in April 2011.

Community Benefit

The Hope for Wildlife Society fills an important need in the province by providing free wildlife rehabilitation services in Nova Scotia. The wildlife hospital will increase our capacity to provide these services in the following ways: - Better care for patients: On-site veterinary care will eliminate the need to transport, saving time and reducing stress for the animal. This translates into faster recoveries and greater success rates. - Opportunity for Education: Experience working with wildlife is a rare opportunity and in high demand. Students studying disciplines in animal care will have the opportunity to gain experience working and volunteering in the hospital. They can use this experience to help wildlife in thier future careers. In addition to increasing our capacity to help wildlife, our hospital will create jobs for veterinarians, technicians, and students in a rural community.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: We're asking for digital x-ray equipment versus film because there is no need for harsh chemicals or film to develop radiographs, which is better for the environment and cuts down on costs. It also produces higher-quality radiographs, which is important for accurate diagnoses.
$ 70,000 digital x-ray
$ 28,000 diagnostic lab equipment
$ 2,000 2 microscopes

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