Create an HIV/AIDS and skill building peer education program for youthAfricans in Partnership Against AIDS


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  • ncrease use of safer sex strategies such as abstinence, monogamy,
  • Train 8-12 youth to become peer educators
  • Increase awareness of HIV/AIDS, STI &influence; testing&decrease; stigma
  • Distribute over 12,000 print materials and condoms
  • Advertise in TTC stations and buses ie. campaign regarding HIV/AIDS



A small-group of 8–12 peer educators will participate in skills training intervention designed to reduce STI and HIV infections and risky sex behaviors of African youth at risk for HIV and STIs (skills training will be a weekend retreat). The will project focus on skills that emphasize initial behavior change as well as the maintenance of behavior change over time.  Skills include using condoms correctly, negotiating safe sex with their partners, and creating lifestyle balance. This project will encourage youth to evaluate their relationship choices, and explore how those choices affect their health and well–being. These youth being trained will in return run workshops and youth oriented activities in order to spread accurate information about HIV/AIDS and STIs in the community in which they live. This project will also include a media campaign advertisting for participation and a HIV/AIDS and STI prevention message using TTC, and local media.


How will the $25K be used?

$ 3,000 World AIDS day event
$ 3,000 peer training retreat
$ 8,000 Resource Development
$ 8,000 Media Campaign ie. Website, TTC advertising, local media
$ 3,000 peer educator facilitated workshops

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