i want to open a store where i can sell recycled clothing!:)kimberly malette


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  • to recycle clothes and show kids that it can be fun.

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i'd like to start by making a few pieces of clothing and sell them in a small store! also i would like to visit schools and show kids that recycling is fun! and that the result is a unique piece and that it is wonderful! but i need many pencils for the clothes (fabric markers) and lots of clothes to recycle! I work hard with my mother who is a wonderful person! I think that recycling your clothes is important because fashion changes so quickly and the quantity of unused clothes is unbelievable! I need you to show the beauty of all clothes and to give them a second life! this is my passion! and i would like to share it with many people! thanks

How will the $5K be used?

Budget Notes: i want to give a percentage of my profits to the school where I work to improve their schoolyard that really needs it!
$ 500 marker and clothing
$ 1,000 sewing equipment (sewing machine, threads, buttons, etc.)
$ 3,500 rent a place to sell my clothing, employees, etc.

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