train youth to promote inclusion & disability awareness in schools.Heads Up for Inclusion


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  • To excite and ignite the minds of youth in promoting inclusion!
  • To deliver interactive workshops to intermediate and high schools.
  • To train youth leaders in promoting inclusion & disability awareness.

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Working directly with youth, with and without disabilities, our project aims to develop advocates for the inclusion of all. 

Raising awareness of the many barriers to inclusion speaks to everyone.  Disability awareness is a springboard to understanding the language, cultural, physical, attitudinal barriers that sometimes prevent youth from being full participants in their schools and communities.

Changing the attitudes of people to be more accepting of others can be difficult.  Inclusive schools, develop inclusive youth, leading caring and inclusive communities.  


- development of an interactive workshop for students, and leave-behind resources for teachers, promoting inclusion & understanding around disability and barriers to inclusion.

 - 4 youth leaders  trained in the delivery of an interactive inclusion and awareness workshop

 -delivery of workshop to 8 Peterborough high schools and other interested schools and organizations

Community Benefit

Our project will directly affect the lives of youth in high school and intermediate schools, while indirectly affecting their families and friends outside of the school community. We hope to target youth leaders from all backgrounds to raise awareness around the barriers to inclusion that exist. Our message of inclusion is one that will have far reaching effects in our community and beyond, as the youth of today embrace diversity and live inclusive lives and foster inclusive communities. Through media attention, this project will also target the residents of Peterborough area, which will include, organizations, businesses, individuals and local politicians. We anticipate that they will follow the lead of these inspirational youth.

How will the $10K be used?

Budget Notes: Our budget will not cover all coordination costs or overhead in terms of phone, office, internet, computer. These cost will be donated in kind from partnering agencies.
$ 3,750 project coordination & development of workshop, resources and training
$ 4,000 wages for 4 youth leaders to be trained and deliver workshops
$ 1,000 accessible transportation to and from events
$ 1,000 marketing and promotion and resource kits
$ 250 presentation materials and office supplies

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