Keep alive the only Country Singing Contest in Ontario for young kids.Nipissing Country Music Association


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  • to promote and help upcoming artists/musicians


We hope to keep alive an excellent competition and talent show, which we organize every year. Through fundraising and such, we have managed to do exactly that. Our young artists and upcoming stars of tomorrow will get a chance to perform and show our audiences what talents they have. Some have gone on to be well known performers, by getting a chance such as this. Who knows what promoters or talent scouts will be in the crowd listening and possibly signing up one of them. We are one of the few competitions that have managed to stay operating and with your help we can keep it going.

Community Benefit

As mentioned before, we feel that some of our competitors will get the chance to further their careers and keep our community on the map. All communities have an interest in Country Music in some way, shape or form. This contest is part of our heritage.

How will the $5K be used?

Budget Notes: will not cover cost of judges, staging, lighting, bands, rentals (tents, port-0-johns,), food etc...
$ 5,000 prize money to get artists financial assistance.

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