to get more kids involved in Lacrosse in Nova Scotia!!Sam Nielsen


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  • To increase the numbers of kids playing lacrosse in NS!!

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At provincial tryouts this year we saw 65 kids come tryout.  In provinices like Ontario  and BC they had to limit invites its so popular!  This sport is incredible and is Canada's national sport - we need to get it out there so more kids have the opportunity to try lacrosse.  Box lacrosse is most popular here in Halifax but we are seeing an increase in field lacrosse too - but it isn't enough.  We need to get information out there so that kids know of the sport!!

I would like to work with the "Try Lacrosse" program through Lacrosse NS to help with advertising the sport both inside and outside of the Halifax area.  I would love to see it grow across the province.  I would also like to have some funds together to help with registration costs and/or equipment for those who can't afford it!

I have seen what this sport has done for my brother's confidence and self esteem both mentally and physically and would like to see others expereince it!

Community Benefit

Having kids busy in sport means kids are less likely to get in trouble. Its be shown that kids that are active also do better in school and do better in life. There is never enough in a community to keep all kids busy but introducing the sport to new kids and having the funding to help get them started will benefit everyone involved!!! Also it allows older kids in the sport a chance to coach and give back to their communities!!

How will the $5K be used?

Budget Notes: This budget is set up to get the sport known out there to new players and new coaches!!
$ 200 Advertising
$ 2,500 New Registrations
$ 2,250 Equipment for new Players to the sport

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