open a center for teens who are dealing with mental and social anxietyLiana Paolella


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  • To open a safe center for teens with social anxiety
  • Establish weekly group cognative therapy sessions
  • Organize events that help improve socialization skills


This center will help teens dealing with any social anxiety realize they are not alone in their struggles. It will help build relationships and give teens a safe, non-judgemental place to come and be themselves. The programs and activities will cater to what they would like to do or improve on. This center will help build confidence and social skills needed in order to feel comfortable with others.

The center will offer:

 1. Cognative group therapy
A weekly group session with a trained professional who will provide an enviornment where issues can be discussed freely and without judgement.

 2. Group Activities / Outings
The center will provide daily activities and weekly outings.

 3. A place to form long lasting and meaningful friendship!
Everyone will be welcomed and treated with respect.

Community Benefit

The community will benefit as the program will encourage community participation.

How will the $100K be used?

$ 30,000 Lease facilities and cover utilities
$ 15,000 Furniture and Equiptment
$ 20,000 Food and other household needs
$ 20,000 Cognitive Therapist and Other Employees
$ 5,000 Start up costs (e.g - lawyer fees)
$ 5,000 Planned Outings
$ 5,000 Misc/ Unplanned Expenses (e.g Insurance)

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