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  • To provide counselling to teens who have lost a friend or loved one.


To provide counselling and support to bereaved teens and teens living with a family member with a life threatening illness.

To reduce the risk of substance abuse, mental health issues, suicide and social challegenges related teens living with these issues.  Teens living with grief have difficulty in maintaining attendance at school as well as grades, putting their year at risk and their likelihood of dropping out. 

No program is offered in South Simcoe for grieving teens, or teens living with a loved one with a life threatening illness.

We will offer preventative, pro-active programs & counseling for teens to help them to develop health grieving skills as them move into adulthood with appropriate coping skills.

We plan to expand awareness at the high schools, with a dedicated counsellor weekly and add an evening program for teens at Matthews House. 

We want to help them, and let them know that they are not alone, and there is hope.


Community Benefit

The community would benefit as the teens would be able to learn and spread their knowledge to their friends and neighbours, guiding them to Matthews House, a place that can help everyone. Communication skills between teens and their families will be improved. They will be able to discuss very difficult issues that surround their lives due to the life threatening illness of someone they care about orthe loss of a loved one. Most of the participant in the program will also learn the importance of volunteering. Creating a new generation of potential volunteers will greatly benefit our community. There will be less strain on the social and medical services in the community, as the teens will be in a program that understands their unique needs, teaching them coping and communication skills. They will be able to identify their needs and share them with others. Offering this type of teen counselling will encourage high school completion, and plans for college or university.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: We hope to include offsite events, ie. Jay, Argos games as well Paintball and Bowling. We will develop some local sponsors to assist with this part of the program. Or if there are funds left over from some of the budget , ie traning packages, we will carry that over to our entertainment budget
$ 13,200 44 Hours per month Teen Counsellor
$ 1,200 Training Material, Brochures
$ 1,600 Computers, Gaming Electronics
$ 1,150 Expanded Library, DVDs, Handbooks
$ 2,200 Awareness campaign, media, posters
$ 3,650 Administration
$ 2,000 Large Flat Screen for Teen Room

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