Start the Settlers, Rails & Trails museum in Argyle, Manitoba Settlers, Rails & Trails (museum)


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  • We intend to purchase land and begin landscaping our property
  • Move our museum buildings, and secure our property with fencing

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We have several land options availiable,of which we intend to purchase one property for fair market value. We are looking at land that is within the General Development Zone of Argyle, Manitoba.
This museum will benefit the local community with preserved, exhibited heritage artifacts, education to our visitors and special activites and events for our local population of 500 residents in the ROC OBO mailing area. Our guests could number 2,500 to 4,000, and will be from Canada, USA and beyond.

$20,000 for land purchase and legal costs.
$5,000 for setup costs, moving previous buildings and building a security fence/landscaping our property. We intend to raise this money with local and regional efforts, using all types of media to advertise our efforts and successes.

Local volunteers will be our main backbone of support, teaching other about the importance and responsiblilities of historical/cultural preservation. This will be a three season inital operation, possible four season future.

Community Benefit

We intend to include all age groups of our community. We are planing special activities (ex: Museum weekends), preservation of local history and culture and volunteer opportunities for any of our residents who are interested. The establishment of this museum will provide new local pride and a permanent center for our heritage. The extended community of Manitoba, our local capital Winnipeg will benefit with our interactive education of Western Canadian Settlement. We intend to have groups experience our museum with a hands on approach to games, agriculture, and other planned activities. All genders, ages, races and cultures of our community and beoyond will be welcomed and encouraged to view, join and expereince our activities/exhibits.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: Our budget is only phase 1 of our museum plans. Once we have initial set up of property and buildings moved to our home location, we intend to build a museum pavilion building. This will be the epicenter and 3 season home of precious artifacts and classroom/archival facilities.
$ 20,000 Puchase of land and initial landsaping costs
$ 5,000 security fencing and building moving/inspection costs

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