Provide one to one mentoring to at-risk-youth in BC's Lower MainlandPathfinder Youth Centre Society


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  • To raise the funds to go toward our annual budget of over $200,000
  • Project will be accessible to the community as an intervention tool
  • To help reduce a drug, gang and criminal element in the community
  • Enables youth to become goal focused to reach their full potential
  • To fill a gap in the community to provide mentorship to at-risk-youth

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The PYCS "Mentorship Program" will provide one to one mentoring to two different categories of at-risk-youth:

Our "Post Graduate" program helps our graduates retain the skills they learned in one of our programs. Their mentor will support and guide them over a minimum of 12 weeks to set personal career/educational goals and move toward implementing them.

Our "Youth-at-Risk" program will be accessible to the community to refer any at-risk-youth" they believe needs intervention to get goal focused. Youth can be referred to this program by: youth counselors, probation officers, resource centres, social workers, police officers, community organizations, teachers, parents and guardians. Youth in this program can be mentored for up to 2 years if their barriers require it.

This program is for youth ages 15 to 30 years old

This project will service 50 to 100 youth annually

To date, we have raised almost $10,000 toward this project


Community Benefit

This project will benefit the community through reducing crime, keeping taxes and cost of living low and stable. As most youth, who end up in gangs, sell drugs, partake in a criminal element or are just lost and non productive (e.g - high school drop out, unemployed, on welfare, in foster care, on probation) have never had a supportive role model in their life to guide them when they encounter a barrier they can’t figure out how to navigate. This project will help at-risk-youth become goal focused so they can start to dream higher for themselves than what they are accustomed to. When youth are mentored they start to believe that anything is possible and because they want to impress that supportive person in their life they will naturally start to work toward a goal that truly excites them. This mean that they will focus on becoming a productive, contributing member of society as oppose to a financial burden.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: Pathfinder continues to fundraising vigorously to raise all the funds to meet our budget of over $200,000 to get this project fully up and running so that we can market it to the community in which at-risk-youth are waiting to be mentored one to one. To date we've raised $8600 toward this initiative
$ 55,000 Mentors
$ 25,000 Youth Expenses (Meals, stipends, bus tickets, etc)
$ 20,000 Mentorship Office Expenses

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