Enlarge our activity room and make it accessibleAssociation de personnes handicapées L'Éveil des Basques


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  • Establish a safe and comfortable environment.
  • Accommodate more participants
  • Increase, develop and implement our activities appropriately


Our premises are very small. The majority of participants have mobility problems and move with technical aids. Moving is difficult for animators and participants and the atmosphere becomes suffocating very quickly. We want to expand our meeting and activities room to accommodate at least 30 people at the same time, install a kitchen, home appliances and a computer section. Heating and ventilation will be renovated. We will replace the outdated furniture. Cabinets will be installed to store our equipment. The room will be more functional and more accessible.

Community Benefit

As we will be one of the only community buildings accessible to disabled people, this more suitable, safe and comfortable place, will be available for the population and people with reduced mobility.

How will the $25K be used?

$ 20,000 Contractor and material costs
$ 5,000 Furniture, home appliances and computers

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