Develop a teen center for military families to make transitions easierMilitary Family Resource Center


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  • To develop a safe place were teens can go and meet people


The plan is to hire a coordinator to help teens develop programs that would be intereting for teens. The intent is to develop a place were teens frommilitary families can go and meet people during the difficult time of trasition when there parents are posted to different places freequently. The teens need to have aplace were theycan go and feel comfortable.


We would need to develop the programs and have the equipment needed for these programs ie... musical instruments, computor, camera, recreational games, video consoles. To name a few. The teens that are looking to start this are starting to put plans in place to develop the programs they would find interesting. The Military Family Resource Center has a place but it needs the equipment and programs.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: Our budget will build around the funds received. The programs and equipment will adapt to the budget.
$ 25,000 Equipment and programs

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