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  • To make the world happier


The "Make the World Laugh" project purpose is to make the world forget about disasters, wars, death and sickness, and to focus on the lighter side. NinjaMacs believes that every person on this earth should laugh at least once a day, everyday. We realize that a lot of people in the world don't laugh enough each day, and we don't see how that is possible. We know that there is a lot to not laugh about in this world, and we know that sometimes we just have to face it and take it seriously, but although that is important, it is also important to laugh at things life throws at you, take death for example, let's say your uncle David dies, don't focus on that he's dead, focus on how funny he was, or how he helped people no matter what, focus on the lighter side. If we get the 5000 dollar grant, we will make videos, put together events, and go around door to door trying to show people that they need to laugh and forget their troubles. 

How will the $5K be used?

$ 1,500 Two Laptops
$ 250 Two iPhone's
$ 1,000 Video Camera
$ 2,250 Other Expenses e.g. Repairs, Renting of venues etc.

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