Install bleachers at the ODSS fields.Emma Hawley-Yan on behalf of the ODSS Student Senate


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  • Install 2 sets of bleachers, a total of 300 seats, in the ODSS fields


This year, being the first in 50 years to have the ODSS football team return, we thought a good way to celebrate would be to install bleachers in our fields, for spectators to enjoy the game. 

The cost of bleachers ranges from 10,000 to 25,000 dollars, for approximately 300 seats.

Our fields are in great need of bleachers, and it would be a great way to support our football team.

Not only would the football team and the school benefit, but the ODSS fields are used for the community soccer teams as well.  The bleachers would be used by many people in the community, and would surely better the community as a whole. 


Community Benefit

-The students of ODSS will have a place to sit and support their school sports teams -The Orangeville soccer teams and their spectators will benefit from the bleachers, as they play in those fields -Surrounding schools, of the Upper Grand District School Board, with sports teams who have games at our school, will benefit from having seats for their students to watch the games as well

How will the $25K be used?

$ 25,000 to buy and install 300 seats of bleachers in the ODSS fields

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