upgrade HHSS athletic field to match the standard in York Region.Warriors Football Booster Club


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  • Acquire sports related equipment
  • Promote and encourage community involvement

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Our football teams have a tradition of excellence, a testament to the program and the coaches who selflessly invest so much of their time in it. Although our teams are in the top 5 in Canada, we've been without a home field for the past two years.   Other schools in York Region have first class fields. Our fields are used by a number of local groups including the Community football league, soccer league, our high school and other local elementary schools.  We'd like to provide a local field with amenities to encourage community involvement.  These programs keep youth physically active and our football program, in particular, reaches a group of young males who would not otherwise remain engaged in school. A field house was recently donated by a local business to kick off our field project. The field house needs a floor, shelving, and electrical.  We'd like also to provide an electronic scoreboard and bleachers.

Community Benefit

Our field is used by a number of local community groups and schools for sports related activities. Bleachers, lights, scoreboard and sports related equipment will allow our local youth the same opportunity as is already provided to other youth in other parts of our Region. This will save transportation fees for many groups and allow community members and parents of our youth to attend games and encourage and foster community spirit. Our football program engages a number of male youth between the ages of 13 and 20. The team expects excellent participation in the football program, that academic requirements are met in school and that appropriate behaviour is exhibited in the community. This program believes that every player has an opportunity to go on to post-secondary education and the coaches work tirelessly with the players to help them achieve their potential in school and on the field and to obtain scholarships. Many of these youth would not otherwise remain engaged in school.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: Field lights Proper lighting and electricity to the field house Painting of lines for various programs on the field
$ 10,000 electronic scoreboard
$ 10,000 bleachers
$ 5,000 fixturing new field house

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