Help youth who experienced abuse through equine assisted therapyPartners in Process Equine Learning Centre


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  • Deliver equine assisted therapy programming to 100 youth at risk
  • Develop self-esteem, confidence, communication, leadership skills
  • Help youth learn coping strategies and positive lifestyle choices



Our "RADAR - Realizing Amazing Dreams are Reachable" program helps youth who have experienced domestic violence or abuse to come to terms with their past and develop strategies to move forward in life with the assistance of horses. 
-100 Youth will attend an 8 weekly group/individual counselling sessions
-Youth will be responsible for their assigned horse during the program
-Youth undertake specially designed activities with the horses that challenge & build confidence. Activities may include playing sports, painting the horses, trying to get a horse to walk into a hoop without touching it.
-Completing a task with a horse requires patience, creative and problem-solving skills and often teamwork and encourages this behaviour in everyday life.
-Youth feel empowered and develop the confidence and self-esteem to tackle new problems and face the challenges that lie ahead.
-Youth may help other youth through our Peer Mentoring program


How will the $10K be used?

$ 10,000 Subsidize cost for youth to attend weekly therapy sessions

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