Plant Trees Now So We Can Play In Them Later!Preparing the Trail


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  • Plant 5000 Trees Across Canada
  • Build a community of 500 Canadian environmentally active athletes
  • Raise $20,000 for Trees Ontario and Right to Play
  • Build a smartphone application - post planted trees/watch them grow

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Preparing the Trail will develop our online Plant it-Forward-Project (PiFP).  In the fall of 2010 we will develop a mobile smartphone application that will allow our team of environmentally active athletes and green followers to post photos of planted trees, and automatically post these planted trees to a custom Google Map to virtually watch our trees grow!  These trees are then posted for adoption by other community supporters across Canada.


Preparing the Trail has 3 main objectives based on the triple bottom line that shine a positive light on the goals of the Pepsi Refresh Project.

1.  Improving the Health of our Communities by Greening & Participating in Outdoor Athletic Events
2.  Improving Air Quality, Promoting Alternative Transportation, Increasing Public Environmental Awareness
3.  Fundraising Through Our Interactive Online Plant-it-Forward Project (PiFP)


How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: The budget will not cover the cost of transportation to our events, tree costs, planting equipment costs as these are covered by other sources of funding.
$ 10,000 Preparing the Trail - Mobile Application Development
$ 10,000 Website Upgrade to Integrate Automated System
$ 5,000 Social Media Platform/Community Development

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