Provide Care & habitat for abandoned pet rabbits in my BC home Linda Nailer


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  • To provide food, lodging & medical care for abandoned pet rabbits.

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There are many abandoned, neglected/unwanted rabbits that are wasting away
in cages or set free to fend for themselves because no one wants them.  Many
pet rabbits haven't been neutered or spayed which contributes to more homeless
or unwanted bunnies.

I've had the privelidge of discovering that rabbits are intelligent, creative, industrious little darlings and I hope to offer my second chance sanctuary to them.

Currently I care for 14 happy rabbits that once were homeless.  I plan to create a model habitat for up to 60 rabbits on my property with more large outdoor grazing pastures and cozy hutches for their nightime safety.  

15 spaces will be used for generating continual funding to pour back into
the ongoing sanctuary expenses once the grant is used up.

I'll have a webpage called "The  Rabbitater" in order to promote qualilty care to ALL rabbits. 

Community Benefit

A direct benefit to the Powell River regional district, with the interactive Website and additional links reaching everywhere. The benefit will be homes for the unwanted rabbits and spreading awareness of spay/neuter and proper rabbit care in order to provide neglected abandoned rabbits with comfortable happy lives. The additional benefit will be rabbit boarding services for temporary vacationers which should help to cover ongoing expenses of rabbit care.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: Does not include myself or spouse's time and labour for construction of housing or fencing. Majority of construction will be done by myself and my husband for free. Does not include time and care of rabbits - this will be done by me for free. Does not cover wages for caregiver in my absence.
$ 5,500 medical care and spay/neuter
$ 8,000 food (greens, carrots, hay, alfalfa pellets, bedding)
$ 8,000 building materials for hutches and fences
$ 500 website
$ 1,000 fuel, trucking, disposal & misc.
$ 2,000 for hired helper only for construction - myself and spouse are free

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