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  • To update the technology within RLDHS so they can help the community

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Red Lake is located very far North and the students around here have a very hard time finding things to do. The technology at Red Lake High School is very old, and many opportunities that students have in cities are not available for these students. When I am in class I see kids that are just not motivated to be there. This grant will help not only the students get involved and give them the opportunity to help out and show what a small community can do when we all work together, but it will also give the entire community a sense of achievement. The project plan is to update the technology at the High School, which is not funded through the school board, and give these students the same opportunities that students around Canada have. This would make a huge difference in the students everyday school life, and help them learn more about the media arts.

Community Benefit

Red Lake is a very close community. Everyone that lives here acts as if they have known you your entire life. With an opportunity such as this it will only bring a community closer and help us gain a new sense of achievement. Not only will Red Lake be involved, but there are our bordering communities also like Dryden, Kenora, Ear Falls, and Thunder Bay, who will also take a sense of achievement in the success of such a small communities goals.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: The budget won't cover the entire cost of the computers but with some fund raising within the community we can help raise the rest of the cost.
$ 20,000 computers
$ 5,000 cameras and computer programs

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