renovate the Stalight Room at SickKids for patients and families. Starlight Children's Foundation Canada


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  • To make the space more accessible for wheelchairs & IV poles
  • To add a space for toddlers as there is an influx of 0-3 patients
  • To update the room and bring magic to patients in hospital


In the fall on 1998 The Starlight Children's Foundation built a special place in SickKids hospital for patients to use as an escape from treatments and appointments.  In this room they were able to just be a kid; leaving behing some worry and fear through crafts, video games, and play.  In the past 12 years the needs of the hospital have changed, and Starlight recognizes the need to update this space and accomodate those needs.  We are looking for a grant to make this important space better.  We want to open it up so it is easier for patients with wheelchairs or IV poles to navigate through the room.  We want to add a toddler play space to accomodate an influx of patients 0-3. We want to update the magic in this room. We want a lot for this room because we know these patients deserve this space.

How will the $100K be used?

$ 100,000 Renovation of Starlight Room in SickKids

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