Rikitik: Science and technology to the rescue of school dropoutsDaniel Carré (Club de sciences de l'école Paul-Hubert)


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  • Reduce the dropout rate, particularly for boys.
  • Teach effective work methods.
  • Develop their scientific and technological skills.
  • Use of information and communication technologies ICT
  • Promote team work

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The major problem I face is the lack of computers. Whether it is research on the Internet, writing Expo-science reports, designing inventive engineering technical illustrations or robotics programming, I'm no longer able to meet the growing demand. My MacBook is the only recent and functional computer we can rely on.

The learning and the motivation of young people is achieved through action, discovery and self fulfilment. In recent years, we had great successes and sometimes great disappointments. But at the end of the day, young people always benefit and and learn.

Your contribution will allow me to continue my educational mission for many years to come.

Community Benefit

When we manage to captivate the interest of a student in an extracurricular activity, we are in fact giving him/her more reasons to come to school. Dropouts are a current problem in our society. Young people who participate in the science club activities develop passions and skills that will be beneficial in the future. The region needs qualified employees capable of teamwork. It is precisely these values that are conveyed in the science club of the Paul-Hubert school. We should invest on the education of our future citizens!

How will the $10K be used?

Budget Notes: $10,000 would be a serious boost, it would allow us to grow, but we will always have to make efforts which is normal! Costs related to competitions (registration, transportation and accommodation) are not covered.
$ 5,000 4 portable MacBooks: research, writing and programming.
$ 2,600 2 IMacs 21.5 ": technical drawings, video editing and website.
$ 550 1 hard Disk Wi-Fi Time Capsule 2 To : networking and backup.
$ 500 2 IpodTouch with HD camera: photos and videos of events
$ 1,350 3 Lego Mindstorms robotics sets: to fill the actual shortage

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