To add artificial ice to the Robert Robitaille Pavillion in LafontaineLafontaine Parks and recreation


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  • To purchase artificial ice making equipment


This project would complete a life long dream for Robert Robitaille!  To guarranty that the community has a four season community center that everyone can use.  We need to purchase pipe and the refrigeration equipment and have a contractor install it in the spring of 2011.  Having artificial ice will guarranty 5 months of good ice for the children in the community, many children in the area cannot aford to pay for organized sports and this will provide them with an outlet to learn how to skate and play hockey in a safe enviroment.  The community has volunteers that work very hard to bring different programs for the children and this would provide one more avenue to keep the children busy and out of trouble.

Community Benefit

The benefit that this would bring to the community is a safe environment for all the children, statistics show that communities with centers were children can play and burn of some energy are less likely to get into mischief. This project would also bring a sense of pride to the community and the surrounding area. The other benifit is it would help the econimy in the area as the local store would have children buying snacs and drinks.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: The total cost of this equipment is just over $265,00 The community will have to raise money to complete this project thru local fundraisers and other grants. We do have a reserve fund to offset some of the cost.
$ 100,000 to purchase ice making equipment

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