Open a Children's , Imagination station, for arts and craftscarmen brunsch


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  • helping kids get in touch with arts , crafts and their imagination
  • becoming financially stable and self sufficient, while providing jobs


i plan to open a children's arts and crafts , store , where kids can use their imagination's and creative, natures, to buiild and create, anything they dream of with in limits, glue paper scissors, and a whole lot of laughs,

Community Benefit

it will give more jobs to my community, it will support children learning , and developing their, artsy side, it will invent job incentive for high school kids, we will cater to all ages of kids, and , it will be entertainment for some , and i can also incorporate it into school feild trips and much much more

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: nothing
$ 13,200 store rental
$ 5,000 monthly bills
$ 25,000 supplies
$ 15,000 insurance
$ 7,000 adverstisment
$ 9,000 building renovations
$ 14,800 company vehicle
$ 11,000 employee wages

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