Create a Massively Multiplayer Online Exercise Game for Canadian YouthAnthony Whitehead (Carleton University)


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  • Create an online multiplayer game with active play components
  • Send game controller devices to schools across Canada
  • Make the online game available to all as part of health education
  • Encourage players to participate by making friends all over Canada
  • Bring more health awareness to Canadian Youth

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Project Summary:

There are growing concerns over the increasingly sedentary lifestyle of many industrialized societies, and obesity is a major underlying cause of disease, disability, and death (more than 2 million every year).  These health consequences not only affect individuals, they also put pressure on health care systems. Regular physical activity is critical to everyone’s physical and psychological health, regardless of his or her weight. Children and adolescents are particularly vulnerable, devoting more time to video games and other sedentary computer-based activities than any other daily activity.  Our project aims to promote physical activity (and health education) to Canada's youth through an multiplayer online game.

A unique multiplayer online game available to all
250 input systems provided to participating schools across the country
Career training for 6 university students
A website promoting the game/health education for Canada's youth.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: This budget does not cover on going operating costs once the system is built. It is our commitment to keep the system running once it is in the hands of our School partners.
$ 60,000 Salaries and equipment for students who are helping develop the system
$ 30,000 Development and delivery of input systems to schools across Canada
$ 5,000 Infrastructure and setup for MMO system operating out of Carleton U
$ 5,000 Promotional activities to get a critical mass of users

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