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  • To take kids from urban schools to a camp for the day.
  • To take 3000 student to camp for a day.
  • To increase students' sense of responsibility.
  • To teach student's the necessity and importance of everyday habits tha
  • To speak to over 25,000 student on environmental issues.


Our goal is to tour 60 schools around Ontario and to educate the students regarding the impact of even the little things; as well as what big thing’s they can do to protect and/or preserve our environment. Our main goal will be to help them understand why we all should take responsible for our environment. We will encourage the students to submit essays detailing their own ideas and plan of what their part will be. The students who submit their idea and most importantly, student that might not get the opportunity otherwise will get a free trip for a day to camp.
The day at camp is meant to demonstrate the enjoyment that can be found in Nature.  It is through this enjoyment that we hope they will develop an appreciation for the parks /camps, the trees, and the wilderness. It is through this appreciation that we hope they will be receptive to learning how to turn away from this “throw away” society, and instead adopt the habits of reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Community Benefit

The environmental movement appears to be progressing steadily; however, every year there remains an alarming apathy by youth who still litter our resources with their trash. This project will be a great interactive opportunity for young students; particularly those that might not ever leave the “urban jungle.” It is hard to feel connected to our global environment when you are surrounded by bright lights and concrete, rather than forests and fresh air. It is our hope by experiencing our precious resources firsthand, that they will gain an appreciation for it. If these young students gain an appreciation for the environment it will be extremely beneficial for the future of our planet and our culture.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: The administration for this project will not be taken out $100,000 Tees 4 Trees will volunteering our resources for the administration of this project free of charge.
$ 30,000 Cost for speakers to present to over 25,000 Students
$ 60,000 To take 4000 student to camps / parks for the day.
$ 5,000 Interactive website
$ 5,000 Marketing

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