Give homeless youth a chance to get real job skills and shelterROOF - Reaching Our Outdoor Friends


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  • to provide shelter as we believe housing is a right, not a privelege
  • to provide practical and transferrable job skills
  • to foster self-esteem/worth in a population that feels discarded
  • to meet youth where they're at

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The ROOF project offers 2 opportunities for youth to gain practical job skills. Through the active participation in the development/implementation of these programs, homeless youth are afforded the opportunity to gain valuable work experience, as well as have access to expert instruction and potential references for future employment.  The Lunchbox program provides lunches to community members.  We also cater.  The youth purchase supplies, prepare/deliver the meals, etc.  The Street Designs program utilizes the artistic skills our youth possess and their designs are screened onto shirts, bags, buttons, etc and sold to the community.  Our goal is to lessen graffiti while showcasing beautiful art. The youth, in both social enterprise programs, learn the skills necessary to make these two 'businessess' a success - including promotion, customer service, labor-related skills, budgeting, ordering, etc.  Our 2 programs employ over 50 homeless youth per year.

How will the $25K be used?

$ 25,000 to offset the cost of supplies and pay youth wages

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