bring Shakespeare to those who can not physically attend the theatreVictoria Urquhart of the Spur-Of-The-Moment Shakespeare Collective


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  • Perform vignettes for 50-75 hospital patients per week
  • Perform vignettes for 1 senior residence per week
  • Provide a proffessional work atmposphere to 10 emerging youth artists

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The “Shakespeare’s Briefs” Project will give patients and patrons a new form of art therapy in hospitals and senior residences. By establishing a performer/audience relationship, we will create a theatre atmosphere and alleviate the stress of patients and patrons. We will further provide cultural stimulation by sharing our understanding of the text with the audience. This will give patients and patrons “a night out” from their everyday struggles. In doing this, we aim to reduce stress and allow for ease in healing processes in hospitals, and relief from a sense of confinement in retirement homes. Employing 10 emerging youth artists for this project will provide learning opportunities for the project team as well. These youth will get input from 8 active professionals in the theatre community. This will help shape their craft through the exploration of what it is to be a professional artist in Toronto, while benefiting the overall community.

Community Benefit

For Hospitals and Seniors Residences -Positive national and local news coverage -2 month run across participating Ontario hospitals and Seniors Residences -Performances for at least 400 individual hospital patients and 8 Seniors Residences For Emerging Youth Artists -Input notes on their craft from 8 professionals in the theatre community -A step-by-step method for creating benefit performances -over 40 hours training for giving back to the community using their performance

How will the $10K be used?

Budget Notes: -$46.00- additional travel (to provide a total of 1000km at an approximation of $1/L) -$75.00- 500 pamphlets explaining the project -8 professional artists will be coming in to speak with the cast and facilitate a professional work atmosphere
$ 1,536 Space Rental (Bad Dog Theatre: $12/h x4hs/day x 2days/wk x8wks x2grps)
$ 1,000 insurance for actors (100.00 x10 actors)
$ 5,000 honorarium for actors (500.00 x10 actors)
$ 1,500 honorarium for administrators
$ 226 t-shirt uniforms for actors and administrators
$ 184 2000 posters put up around hospitals and seniors residences
$ 554 travel expense (60 cents on the Litre of gas used)

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