Offer Leadership, Community Building for Youth with POP Drum Circles..Soul Drums Ltd


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  • Inspire over 10K youth with leadership based programs.
  • Save taxpayers over $100,000.00
  • Train and educate teachers in new sustainable and effective programs
  • Create Healthy activities that promote Community wellness.
  • Donate class sets of instruments for 10 qualified institutions.

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The P.O.P. program (Percussion Optimizes Potential) combines “in the moment” music on drum and percussion instruments with components including social justice, mentorship, values centered leadership to inspire healthy citizenship and community behavior. POP's focus is community building and career based life skills. P.O.P. drum circles are one of the most powerful and universal tools for human connection. A P.O.P. drum circle means to co-operate, trust, share, support, create, and have fun, both individually and as part of a whole. The 4 week mentorship design of the program allows for students, teachers and the community to experience positive behaviours and grow together within the interactive and universal language of the drum with a finale drum circle for all.    
Training Programs
10 Class Sets of Drums
Support Materials
Soul Drums E-list promo campaign
Finale Drum Circle Event with Community

Community Benefit

The P.O.P program will benefit all youth participants, teachers in the board of education and their immediate communities. Testimonial support includes: "This program encourages the development of so many of the skills that we are continually encouraging in our students: communication, listening, risk-taking and leadership; and character traits such as respect, cooperation, self-esteem and self-discipline, courage and perseverance. I have seen this social development as a result of the Soul Drums program at Callaghan. “ Ninety percent of the teachers in these classes are not university trained musicians, but regular classroom teachers with a strong desire to enrich the creative expression of their students. The Ontario music curriculum is revised to include the benefits of drum circles in the development of character, musical ability, and creative expression. Our students should be involved in these P.O.P. programs! Soul Drums P.O.P. events emphasize process and not performance.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: Time to contact and meet with participating boards of education, truck, trailer, gas, insurance, Repair and maintenance costs of our community drum circle rental drum and percussion stock. Pay for e list campaign, maintain web site updates and facebook promotions etc. finale drum circle costs
$ 60,000 Donation of 10 class sets of drums (25-30 drums each class)
$ 24,000 4 week POP training program for 10 schools
$ 16,000 Equipment rental for opening event for 150 students @ 10 schools
$ 0 n/c finale community drum circle

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