Provide food and basic needs to the most vulnerable in Delta BCSouth Delta Community Kitchen


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  • Purchase stove, oven and kitchen utensils.
  • Purchase food items over and above what we receive from donations.


A group of us work together with our local food bank to provide a hot snack/sandwiches to the people using the food bank once a week. We currently depend on the kindness and in-kind and financial donations from our volunteers and people in the community. However, we often fall short. We also need to buy kitchen items like a cooking range, kitchen utensils, crockery etc. that would allow us to meet with the growing need of people using our services. We currently provide this serivce once a week to approximately 100 families.

Community Benefit

We do not turn anyone away. During these difficult times many do not qualify as homeless but still need help with their basic needs of groceries and a hot meal. The difference it makes specially for the many children is hardly calculable in terms of money. A healthy body will promote a healthy mind and this is our mission. We are building a healthy community one step at a time.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: The need for food varies. Also, we are always in short supply of fresh foods like fruits and vegetables and meat which is not always available from donations made to the food bank.
$ 3,000 Commercial oven and cooking range
$ 5,000 Renovation of kitchen to meet food standards
$ 2,000 Kitchen utensils crockery and cutlery
$ 10,000 Food items on an ongoing basis
$ 5,000 Basic clothing items like socks, shoes for children

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