Open an affordable performance and teaching Centre in Strathmore, ABBurton Harker


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  • Provide affordable performance/workshop space in Strathmore
  • Provide quality music education
  • Provide Gallery space for local artists
  • Performance opportunities to Provide artists of all levels



To convert an existing building into a thriving music education and arts performance centre.

The project is geared at providing quality music instruction in a facility that will allow for meaningful performances experiences; an integral part of any students education. It will also provide opportunities for students and community members to view and participate in other arts performances.


The lack of performance and teaching space in Strathmore is a concern. The only options available are churches, which are not equipped with proper lighting or instruments (piano). The acoustics of many new churches are not suitable to an acoustic performance. The facility would be adaptable to many styles of performance.

The Foyer would act as a multi-functional space for reception and a gallery for local artists.

The project would also provide space for charity organizations to set up office space as well as use for galas, workshops and other fundraising events at an economical rate.

Community Benefit

As a music educator, the regular opportunity for my students to perform, both for each other and for their friends and families, is priceless. It builds confidence, and teaches the value of hard work. This facility would allow students and community members to share their talents, and build a strong arts network in Strathmore. By providing a space, I hope to encourage community groups to create drama, dance, music or other arts based workshops and performances. These workshops can help new and old members of the community feel a connection to the community.

How will the $100K be used?

$ 10,000 Secure Building
$ 80,000 Start Rennovations
$ 10,000 Purchase equipment (piano, computers, furniture)

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