Services for seniors allowing them live close to family and friendsThe Etobicoke North Multicultural Association


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  • Multicultural and Homely Seniors' Services
  • Affordable Karate/Self Defence Classes for people of all ages
  • Planting fruit trees in parks and along side the sidewalks

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Our first goal is to provide our seniors with a one bedroom accomodation close to their family and friends with a personally matched caretaker (based on their culture and prefernce of food etc.)Keeping our seniors close to home will allow us to teach our children to respect and care for our seniors, create new jobs as well as allow family and friends to visit our seniors out of their busy routine and not to mention the reduction in abuse of seniors.

Affordable Karae/self denfence classes should not only allow our younger generation to divert their energy into positive activities but also help boost their confidence.  In todays world self defence is A MUST and by making it more affordable it will help us keep our kids from going strey.

The third goal is to boost the healthy eating idea. Having planted fruit trees around the area will allow kids to be more curious into trying out fruits off the tree hence enhancing the idea of healthy eating. It's what we grow is what we reap.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: The budget will not be covering anything out of ordinary expenses. Unnecessary expenses will not be paid.
$ 75,000 one bed unit, caretaker, food, security, accessibility & miscellaneous
$ 15,000 instructor, uniform, space & miscellaneous
$ 10,000 fruit trees, soil, miscellaneous

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