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  • Spay/neuter 200 cats

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Our "Friends of Ferals" project will help spay/neuter 100 free-roaming cats in an effort to help deal with the problem of overpopulation of cats in the city.  This is a humane solution for the animals and fosters compassion in neighbourhoods and communities. 

Through our trap/neuter/release program, we not only help a stray cat lead a longer, healthier life, but also prevent the birth of unwanted litters of kittens.  Feral cats have a home .... outdoors!  However, they have to be sterilized in order to stablilize the colonies and they can lead full healthy and happy lives outdoors.  Spay/neuter and let them live!

Community Benefit

Create public awareness and understanding of the problems and solutions of our cat overpopulation problem. Improve the life of a stray, and prevent the births of unwanted litters of kittens. Eliminate annoying behaviours associated with mating cats Less cats and kittens being brought to the over burdened Humane Society. Less cats and kittens euthanized.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: Cost of special medical treatments or problems will be covered by our donations and fundraising activities.
$ 25,000 Spay/neuter 200 cats

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