Change todays youth into the leaders of tommorow!Matthew Clark


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  • Expose youth to a world of opportunity available to them at no charge!
  • Explain to youth and parents the benifit of being involved with cadets
  • Build the publics awarness of the cadet programs, successes, and wins!
  • Highlight the opportunties available for all youth 12-18 years of age.

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The Canadian Cadet Program has often been described as Canada's best kept secret.

The Canadian Cadet Program is available to youth across Canada irregardless of financial, socio, or cultural backgrounds. We not only accept youth into the program, we give them the oppotunity to learn, travel, and train thereby building their skills including leadership, communication, physical fitness and so much more.

With this grant I will undertake a multi leveled public affairs campaign that shows youth, parents, and the public the true opportunity and benifit of being a cadet. This will be done as follows:
1) Media insert in the Chronicle Herald that is delivered and read across the province
2) A television commercial that highlights cadets, the opportunities, and possibilities which sows across the maritimes.
3) An interactive DVD delievered to elementary and junior high students across the province.

If awarded this grant, we will have the opportunity of impacting our communities, province and country!

Community Benefit

Youth are provided an opportunity to get together and undertake training strengthing their understanding of : 1) Citizenship 2) Physical Fitness 3) Understanding of the Country and the Canadian Forces More importantly they regularly put this training into practice with 1000's of hours each year of community service, parades, and undertakings.

How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: This budget, nor the grant will be used for individual pay in anway. 100% of the funds will be used for outcomes that directly benifit the aim which is to increase awarness and participation in the Canadian Cadet Organization.
$ 5,000 Utilized to provide insert in Chronicle Herald Newspaper Province Wide
$ 5,000 Used to provide resources and materials for interactive DVD
$ 10,000 Used to undertake T.V advertising on CTV/CBC
$ 5,000 Used to create province wide fact sheet

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