deliver free legal information and education to student tenants.TRAC Tenant Resource & Advisory Centre


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  • Deliver 18 workshops on tenants' rights to students
  • Deliver 5 workshops to staff who advise students on housing matters
  • Coordinate 40 volunteer-run info tables at post-secondary institutions
  • Develop resources specifically for student tenants
  • Ensure students are educated on rights and responsibilities as tenants



As a Provincial Society, our services are available to all BC tenants. That being said, we also acknowledge the need to target certain vulnerable groups of people, specifically seniors, new immigrants, and youth.

With help from the Pepsi Refresh Project, TRAC will be better able to target and educate student tenants. The Canadian Federation of Students currently sits on our Board of Directors and we hope to use this relationship in order to integrate our workshops and info tables into the orientation process for new students at various post-secondary institutions. 

Over the years we have heard many stories of landlords exploiting the inexperience of first-time tenants who are unfamiliar with Residential Tenancy Law. Through our workshops and info tables, we hope to deliver valuable information on the rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlords so students are fully informed when entering into a tenancy agreement.



How will the $25K be used?

Budget Notes: Printing costs for new material geared towards students ("Roommate from Hell" fact sheet). We will also rely on our popular Tenant Survival Guide. We only have 2 offices so for schools outside of Vancouver and Victoria our advocates will need to travel.
$ 10,000 Printing information for workshops and info tables
$ 2,500 Traveling to different campuses within BC
$ 7,500 Staff time
$ 5,000 Legal research and preparation of student-specific resources

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