inspire teens to help turn the page in the lives of impoverished youthYork Region Turn the Page Education Initiative


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  • Raise awareness about education related issues among York Region youth
  • Implement youth-led initiatives and action plans to support education
  • Inspire youth to make a difference in their community
  • Develop a generation of globally conscious youth
  • Better the lives of impoverished youth through education


To bring the issue of global poverty to the attention of youth, we will host 3 events all having 3 common goals: to raise money to support education in impoverished communities, to raise awareness about the issue of global poverty, and to inspire youth to make a difference in their local and global communities.

Turn Ed Up! Conference is a one day conference that will unite the most ambitious youth leaders in York Region. With inspiring speakers and informative workshops, high school students will be motivated and given the tools to make a meaningful difference in their own school.

Page by Page is a series of assemblies held at elementary schools across York Region. By raising awareness, we motivate the school to contribute to the solution to poverty.

Beyond 100 Challenge is a challenge for the young entrpreneur. Given a $100 microloan, teams will compete to raise the most money in 10 days, with all money raised going directly towards building a school in an impoverished community.

How will the $10K be used?

Budget Notes: We are working to have Turn Ed Up! Conference keynote and workshop speakers volunteer, as we are a non-profit organization; reducing the cost on us. Funds not used will be added to the fund raising total of the Beyond 100 Challenge.
$ 500 Page by Page: assembly and workshop materials
$ 2,000 Beyond 100 Challenge: 20 $100 microloans
$ 5,000 Turn Ed Up! Conference: Keynote Speakers
$ 2,500 Turn Ed Up! Conference: Workshop Speakers

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