Beyond "Canada's Worst Neighbourhood": Healthy Kids Under the RainbowRainbow Youth Centre Inc.


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  • Promote values of physical activity and healthy food choices
  • Easier neighbourhood access to groceries & shopping transportation
  • Teach meal planning, budgeting, shopping, cooking, and food safety
  • Provide access to and training in healthy activities, sports & games
  • Measure the results of the project for program participants.

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Rising rates of obesity and resulting illness (e.g. diabetes) among First Nations and low-income families is a major problem in our inner city neighbourhood.  Rainbow plans a 3-pronged attack on this problem.

Community Kitchen: along with Food Bank, REACH, Public Health, and others, our staff offer classes on nutrition, budget & meal planning, cooking & kitchen safety.  Families will take home a portion of meals prepared.

Health & Fitness groups present parents and children topics related to healthy eating, nutrition, children’s health, physical fitness and overall family health. Half of each session is devoted to physical activities specifically related to the age of those involved.

Smart Shopping offers parents on-site access to groceries from REACH and the Food Bank, as well as mentoring on budgeting and meal planning. We also provide weekly transportation to stores no longer located in the inner city.

Child care is provided in all programs.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: Staff costs include part of salaries & benefits for program coordinator, facilitator, cook/trainer and childcare workers (these salaries cost-shared with other Rainbow programs). Budget does not include any charge for administration, bookkeeping, secretarial or receptionist expenses.
$ 72,450 Salaries & benefits
$ 1,200 Staff development & training
$ 1,500 Consultant fees/ purchased programs
$ 800 Program audit
$ 3,600 Program materials & supplies
$ 9,200 Food & grocery purchases
$ 6,000 Transportation
$ 600 Office supplies
$ 450 Telephone
$ 3,600 Building occupancy (maint., security, taxes)
$ 600 Insurance

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