run a nonprofit society for matchmaking. Everyone should feel loved :)Laura Aslan


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  • to offer not-for-profit matchmaking services to 100 people
  • to lead 24 workshops regarding healthy relationships
  • to provide 200 one-to-one sessions teaching emotional sustainability
  • to create 10 social events for participants
  • to reduce feelings of isolation

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“Living Link” strengthens Vancouver's community by providing not-for-profit matchmaking services. It is well known that individuals who feel loved are less aggressive and lead more productive lives. People should meet potential partners regardless of their financial means.  The program is geared mostly toward individuals who have experienced difficulty in either connecting with people or creating sustainable long-lasting relations. “Living Link “ diminishes feelings of isolation and loneliness, especially among individuals who live in a big city. As society develops on the technological axis, emotional skills are lost. “Living Link” restores the emotional aspect of our community.


  • Enroll 100 individuals in the "Living Link" program 
  • Organize 24 workshops regarding healthy relations and 10 sociale events.
  • Provide 2 one-to-one sessions to each individual (200 sessions in total.)


Community Benefit

People who feel isolated and alone are less productive and less engaged members of society. Living Link matchmaking services will benefit those individuals and the community they belong to. By offering non-profit workshops and social events to those in need, the entire community becomes stronger and more positive. Forming sustainable and healthy relationships is vital in today's technologized society.

How will the $100K be used?

Budget Notes: The budget does not include activities provided by "Living Link" beyond the initial 12 months.
$ 2,000 IT
$ 24,000 rent, utilities
$ 4,800 workshops
$ 12,000 one-to-one sessions
$ 40,000 social events
$ 10,500 promotion
$ 6,700 project management, research, admin

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