build a green power-generating system at Walter Murray Collegiate.Walter Murray Collegiate Environmental Club


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  • Establish and promote the feasiblily of using green energy
  • Create a wind turbine to power our principal's office


* RESEARCH:Our school's grade 12 physics class is researching issues including:  how to build the wind turbine,  how much energy needs to be generated, how to convert and store the energy, the most effective location for the turbine, the supplies needed and how to maintain the wind turbine.
*FUNDING: We are creating a budget based on the findings of the research.  Local fundraising events will assist with the project.
*INSTALLATION: We will build and safely intall the turbine.
*PUBLICITY:  Students are producing a video that highlights environmental issues and will chronicle the progress of our initiative.  Through our website, school newsletter and internal postings, we will keep the Walter Murray community informed of the progression of the project.
* OFFICIAL "UNVEILING":  In recognition of Earth Day 2011, we will hold a ceremony to officially kick off the use of the wind turbine.  We will invite media and local community members to the event.

Community Benefit

Completion of our project will bring awareness of alternate environmental options . More importantly, it will be an inspiration to other students, groups and community members to find creative and environmentally friendly choices for generating power. We will decrease the carbon footprint of our school by reducing our reliance on non-renewable energy sources. Walter Murray students will demonstrate that initiative, the development of community partnerships, diligence and environmental conscientiousness make a difference.

How will the $5K be used?

$ 4,700 Materials
$ 300 Inspections

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