Build a new playstucture for Westview School kids and communityWestivew School Parent Council


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  • New Play Structure
  • Enhance excisting new structure
  • Greening Projects and Beautify School Grounds


  Westview School students and the surrounding community need a safe place to play.  Our project will build a new structure to replace and old and run down one, enhance some of what is already there and reuse what we can salvage.  In doing this and adding some simple yet beautiful greening projects involving the kids hands on we will have a community space that will be enjoyed by the students and surrounding area.


Community Benefit

Westview School is in the heart of Transcona and has many families in its immediate area which will benefit from a safe playground and the park like school grounds.

How will the $10K be used?

Budget Notes: Our total estimate is in excess of $30,000 for the play structure alone, but we have some funds that we have already raised and some upcoming fundraisers planned to help fund the budget shortfall as well as the greening projects.
$ 10,000 Build new play stucture

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