My rescue

Hi all...I am having a very successful year saving the animals in need in my area. Since December 2010 I have rescued over 40 animals. The local no kill shelter here has rescued none due to their no-kill policy. And do not help the animals in need. Due to this no kill policy they have, hundreds of beautiful healthy animals have been euthanized. I h ... read more

Spring is here

I now have eight foster homes with seven nursing queens .There are thirty kittens under six weeks of age.Seven of these already spoken for.Spays & neuters are done Wednesday & Friday each week with an average of three each day. The new brochures have been printed.Kitten season is upon us. More fund raising is needed.Flea Market this Sunday, ... read more

KAAP is already making a difference in our community

Thanks to Pepsi for granting our request for $25K to help animals in our community that no one else will. We've already booked a spay/neuter trip for 7 cats, and hope to beat the spring mating season. We are still in awe of the support that KAAP received during the challenge ... thank you everyone and please keep in touch via our Facebook page. ... read more

Frankie's Visit

Frankie was abandoned at Franklin Gardens Long Term Care here in Leamington.I was called for help . I discovered that this handsome male cat with bengal like markings was the friendliest feline.We checked with local papers,vets and didn't find anyone looking for this cat.So Frankie was taken in for a checkup ,vaccines and neuter.Until he is adopted ... read more


12 year old Wesley talks to "Always Good News With Connie Smith" about his mission to build a playground in every northern community that doesn't have one. Watch and be inspired by the power of a 12-year old's dream to change the world. ... read more

Peterborough Examiner Article

After we were publicly able to announce our win, our local newpaper published this article: ... read more

Facebook Group

Please visit our facebook group for updates as well under:Vote for Northern Lights Children's Day Care Centre PEPSI REFRESH GRANT(!/group.php?gid=125018547548695) ... read more

If You Believe It, You Can Do It!

I cannot explain in words the overwhelming feeling of gratitude and community-belonging that we felt over the two months of voting. The families at Northern Lights Children's Day Care Centre, the school community of North Shore Public School (including Brenda Foster/Principal), the community of Keene, other PRP in Canada & USA, worldwide suppor ... read more

Thank you all for all of the votes.

We are so happy to be awarded our grant status. All of the machines have been ordered from the manufacturer, and will be delivered in mid-March. The total cost was $230,000. Lions are continuing to raise the remaining funds. We still have about $80,000 to go, but the manufacturer has agreed to finance the remaining balance at a reasonable rate.We'l ... read more

Canada AM follows Wesley to Attawapiskat

Looking for inspiration? Look no further. Watch this piece on what Wesley is doing to make a difference in the lives of kids living in remote northern communities. Copy and paste the following link to your address line: ... read more

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