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Riding in Style

best riding bootsSometimes you just want to go for a nice long drive, clear your head, have some fun driving around on the open road and relax. It can be so great to just go for a drive just to go and be alone, just you and the road ahead of you. It helps you to get things off of your mind, relieve tension and melt stress away. A lot of people use this method when they are having a bad day, feel cooped up or just want to go somewhere, no matter the destination, just drive. It is a wonderful experience just knowing that you could go anywhere, end up anywhere and not have to be anywhere at all. There is something about a nice drive for no real reason that it is just so calming and just what you need at the time. For some reason, out there on the road, the radio on, the wind in your hair, driving can be the best feeling in the world

When you have to get somewhere or do something, driving just isn’t the same. It’s boring, routine and has a definite destination, which for some reason tends to take all of the fun right out of it. Driving just to drive is something different entirely. It is a religious experience, it’s transcendent and it makes you feel like you’re really alive.

One of the drawbacks of going on a long journey to nowhere and back is that your feet can get cramped or tired or even really hurt, depending on what shoes you have on. Most don’t often think about it but what shoes you’re wearing really do have an impact on your experiences. has the 3 most comfortable driving shoes listed as one of its articles on shoes. That could make the experience all the more exciting and even more comfortable.

They actually have a wide selection of shoes that you can choose from, everything from running shoes, to hiking shoes to comfortable shoes and even finally answer the question, what are the best work boots? Not only do they have a wide selection but their site is so easy to navigate. With all of the subsections you can go straight to the best shoes for the activity you are looking for. In this case you would just scroll down to the entry that says, “The 3 Best Driving Shoes for a Comfy Experience” and click there. Then you just pick out your personal favorite and get out on the road.

The next time you are out for a drive, make sure you are wearing the right shoes for a nice long drive. That way you can just drive as long or as far as you want without having to worry about if your feet will hurt before you turn back to go home. Let the car be your best friend and the sing as loud as you can because out there is where you find real freedom. You are free from the world, free of judgment and stress and other people, and for a while, it is almost as if you can fly.

Exploring the World of Phlebotomy in Your Community

When most people think of phlebotomy they just think of the person who takes your blood but they can be so much more than that. They think that it is a boring job where you just do the same thing over and over with little reward if any. That is not nearly the whole story at all. Yes, they are experts in taking blood for tests or transfusions but they can be a lot more to the patients. People very rarely think of a profession in terms of the people around the professional but maybe they should try doing that more.

A lot of people who are getting blood taken have serious illnesses or serious symptoms and are trying to get to a diagnosis. They need a friend. They go to doctors who are usually cold and don’t take into account what the person is feeling, how scared they are and how awful they feel. They call doctor offices all the time and talk to receptionists who act as if they are a burden and they feel like no one really cares about them, like they are nothing but a job to everyone. You could be the one to change all that. You could truly make people feel better, make them feel like people again.

As a phlebotomist you would be able to be the bright spot in people’s day. You could be warm, kind, caring and sweet to them. You could also be extra gentle to ensure that they suffer no more than they already are. A patient with a chronic sensitivity to pain, who can’t even be given a hug on some days, can have their whole day ruined or improved by a simple blood draw. A patent who bruises easily can have their whole week ruined by a bad or careless phlebotomist.

This job is far more important than one may assume. It make a real difference in the world. Without phlebotomists there would be no one to take the blood to be tested, to give patients the answers that that wait anxiously for, sometimes for days. Being able to help people doesn’t mean you have to become a doctor or even a nurse. All that you have to do is spend four months for your phlebotomy training and certification. It is easy to become and it makes real changes in lives.

If you want a low stress easy going job where you get the opportunity to help others, than is the job for you. After four months of training you could bring smiles to faces, be a part of something real and have a job that you can really be proud of. You have the opportunity to work full or part time so you could even get certified and do this while working you current job as well. It is such an amazing opportunity and the medical field needs those who truly want to make a real difference in the lives of others. So check it out and see if it is right for you.

Liposuction And What To Expect After Theater

Otherwise referred to as lipoplasty or simply lipo, Liposuction is simply a procedure that shapes your body by removing excess body fat in specific areas that fat tend to linger even after intense exercise routines. Areas like the back, arms, abdomen and chin are good examples of such areas. They are prone to fat retention and hardly respond to exercise. That is exactly where liposuction steps in. Its sole purpose is to remove fat in these areas and give the patient an angel like figure.


Who can go for liposuction?

The procedure is not for every Tom, Dick and Harry or Janet, Jane and Juliet. In short, it is not for everyone. Why so? The maximum amount of fact that can be removed safely in a given surgical setting is ten pounds. This means that the procedure is not ideal for people who are excessively overweight. They may not even notice a ten pound weight reduction. Worse still, studies indicate that overweight patients who have undergone liposuction are prone to life threatening post lipo complications compared to their counterparts who have average weights.

Health records
If you are a good candidate for liposuction, your surgeon will still want to see that you have consistently maintained a healthy weight for a year. He or she may also want to see that you always eat healthy. That is, balanced diet meals. This is mainly because liposuction should not be considered as an alternative to working out or eating right. It carries potential risks that are synonymous with most surgical procedures. To find out whether or not you could be an ideal candidate for liposuction, check out this excellent website.
Side effects
People react differently to different surgical procedures. It is therefore hard to point out with certainty side effects that you may have to put up with after liposuction. Your doctor will simply examine you before going into the theater and brief you on the possible side effects you may encounter. It could be reaction to anesthesia, fat clots, blood clots, scaring, uneven contouring results or infection.

Healing after surgery

You won’t see the results immediately after coming out of the theater. It may take weeks or even months. During that period, expect some mild pain and swelling. It is highly recommended that you have someone around to take care of your feeble body as you recover from the surgery. Since liposuction is usually done on outpatient basis from the theater, you will be released as soon as your doctor is of the view that you are fit to go home. Note that factors like your age and state of mind can take a toll on how quickly or slowly you heal.

Weight loss

Side note

Some habits do not go well with liposuction. Excess alcohol consumption is one such habit. That said and done, try the best you can to keep off bad habits that can easily compromise the healing process. Remember to also have enough rest and of course, eat healthy. Then after you heal, divorce your old ways. As any guide to cool lipo will tell you, liposuction does not in any way guarantee that one cannot add weight in future.


4 Ways to Bring Parents in Your Community Together

best stroller for twinsThey say that it takes a village to raise a child, or in today’s case – a community. When you live in a community you are able to connect with people who are there to help you and your family. Parent-child play groups used to be the “thing” to do but with our busy lives today, they have fallen by the wayside. Parent groups allows children to make friends and parents to vent, interact and share information with each other. These groups also help bring a community closer together. Here are five ways to bring parents together in your community.

Organize a Picnic – Nothing brings people together like food. Invite members of your community to join in a pot-luck style picnic. Everyone can bring a dish to pass along with an outdoor game and beverages. This is a great way to get adults from all walks of life together in a low-key environment. Parents are able to chat with each other about local services, share tips for juggling a busy life and even hash out which is the best double stroller. There is no stress to perform here. Everyone is there to have fun. If you plan the picnic at a park then clean-up is a breeze with designated trash cans and there is plenty of playground equipment and even a pool to keep the little ones occupied.

Host a Wine & Dine Movie Night – Let’s face it, when parents have some time together away from the kids, they want to drink. A movie night for both kids and parents is the way to go. Parents in your community can bring their own rinks while you supply the food. You can set up a movie room for kids and adults or you can have one viewing and choose a family-friendly favorite. Be sure to invite everyone over early so that parents can get their drink on and the kids can get some playtime with their friends in before settling down for the movie.

Meal Swap – A meal swap is one of the latest crazes in community events. They are pretty simple to put on. Start by finding out which families want to participate in the event so you can get a proper head count. You will want to aim to have seven families if you do this on a weekly basis. Next, each family makes one dish in disposable containers. Ideally all participants would have around the same number of family members to feed. So, let’s say that all of your families have three members. That means that each family would prepare the same dish, seven times, with the food portioned for a family of three. Next, the families get together and exchange dishes. Now, each family has a fridge full of food for the week that is already prepped and ready to be cooked. Best of all, you only had to make one of the dishes yourself. This community event is great for busy parents.

Parent Info Nights – When you start to build relationships with other parents in a community, you start to trust their judgment on everything from how to handle the terrible two’s to selecting the best stroller for twins. A parent information night is a night, once per month, where parents in the community get together to talk about their problems and parenting dilemmas. You can invite guest speakers from local organizations that are geared towards parents and even reach out to various companies for free samples of product to check out and voice your opinion on. The goal of these events is to help parents stay informed and build a stronger community together.

Help Your Community Be Prepared with Emergency Prepping

The rate at which natural disasters occur around the world is on the rise. In recent years we have seen entire communities torn apart by tornadoes and flash flooding. Today people are taking prepping for a disaster more seriously. During a state of emergency your family could be without food, clothing, shelter or other necessities for days – possibly longer. Help your community be prepared with emergency prepping.

Schedule the Event

The first thing you need to do is schedule an event and invite the members of your community. These events can be an all-day deal or they can be an evening information seminar. The most successful events involve speakers who can educate on what to do in an emergency and how to keep your family safe as well as free items that families can take home.

Invite Speakers

Next you will want to invite speakers to the event. Start with your local rescue responders. The police department, fire department and emergency medical service can teach the members of your community much of the basics. Police officers will focus on who to call and how to get to safety during an emergency and what supplies you should have on hand, like a good tactical flashlight. The fire department will focus on where you can protect yourself and what to do when you find yourself stranded without anyway to contact help. The EMS team will teach your community members life-saving techniques for treating injuries and how you can help each other during a storm.

You should also invite speakers who are focused on prepping. These are people who stockpile goods in case of an emergency. They can offer practical advice on food storage, growing and canning/dehydrating your own food, must-have items in event of a storm and much more.

Get Donations

Organizations such as the Red Cross are likely to donate to your cause. They can donate things your community members need such as a good flashlight, thermal blankets and first aid kits. These free items are just part of the bigger picture of things that are necessary during an emergency. Freebies are also an easy way to encourage people to come to your event. You may also want to get donations from local merchants for basic items such as toilet paper or paper towels that can be used in the prepping project.

Have a Prepping Project

The best way to really convince people they are prepared for an emergency is with a prepping project. Invite the people in your neighborhood to all bring a large plastic tote to the event. Show them what kinds of items should be in that tote such as a clothing, food, clean drinking water, basic toiletries, batteries and lanterns.

Explain how these items are important and what multiple uses they may have. You can also discuss pre-packaged foods that take up minimal room in the box. Remind people that in an emergency, you often only have a few minutes to get the important things from your house and get out. Educate your community on where to store their emergency kit for easy access and the importance of having a secondary kit for pets. You will also want to focus on how much of each item should be in these kits. Remember that during some disasters people can be stranded for days or even weeks.

How to Coordinate a Community Clothing Swap

Old is new again when you coordinate a clothing swap in your community. The idea is that you bring your old clothes that you would donate to charity and donate them to the community. This community event isn’t about making money. It’s about helping out each other. Families are able to swap clothing that they no longer need and pick up items that are just right for them. Coordinating a clothing swap is easy when you follow these steps.

Find a Host Location – There is no reason to spend money booking a venue for your clothing swap. Instead, reach out to your local public school, church or community center about using the facility for a couple of hours on a Saturday or Sunday morning. Any of these locations should have foldable tables and chairs available for you to use.

Coordinate Snacks – Any event that has food is going to grab the attention of people in your community. Consider enlisting volunteers to donate beverages or packaged snacks – like a bake sale – for your event. You can each check with the local pizza shop to see if they would be interested in giving you a discount on pizza donated for the cause. The money collected from sales can be donated to the facility you use for the event or you can donate it to your local community fund. It is important that you use the funds as a way to give back to the community. If your neighborhood needs something specific, like new lights in the park, then focus your sales on raising money for that cause.

Distribute Flyers – You cannot have a successful clothing swap if you do not promote it. Hand out flyers around your neighborhood and see if your local school system is willing to send flyers home with the students. The flyers should state that visitors can bring any clean, gently used clothing to the swap. When they arrive, distribute the clothes in piles based on gender, clothing style and size. Attendees can wander around to the other tables and scope out items they might want to take home. Remember, there is no charge with the clothing swap. It is simply an opportunity for people to get rid of old clothes and potentially find something new.

Invite Local Venders – A great way to draw in a bigger crowd is by inviting local venders that sell their own items. This includes your favorite consultants for companies like Arbonne or Pampered Chef. These vendors can have cash and carry items on their tables and offer gift certificates as part of a free drawing. You could even incorporate a quarter auction as part of your event if you want. This is the chance for people to sell products and attendees to win a product for a fraction of the cost. Be sure to invite a mix of vendors so you have many items to choose from. You can choose jewelry representatives, home goods consultants and even local fitness consultants. If you need more ideas, you can read it here.

Donate Remaining Clothing Items – When the event is over, donate the remaining items to your local clothing drop box or goodwill. Be sure to thank all of your volunteers and those who helped make your event a success.

A clothing swap is a great way to bring your community together and help refresh your wardrobes. If you successfully pull off one then you will want to consider holding them on a quarterly or semi-annual basis.

Upcycle a Girls Bike in 3 Easy Steps

The best bicycles do not have to be new from the store. In fact, children grow so quickly that many parents prefer to find a gently used bike for their child. But what happens when you find a bike that is a little rough around the edges and want to dress it up for your little girl? The answer is simple. You can upcycle your newly found bicycle to the perfect girls bike for your child with three easy steps.

Step 1: Fix the Body

The first thing that you want to do is fix up the body of the bicycle. Adult bikes have different cross bars that help us distinguish between a womans bike and a mans bike. However, kids bikes are more universal since they are still growing. Start by making sure all the parts are in working order. You may need to pick up a new tube for the tires or simply inflate the tire. Make sure that the brake cables are properly connected and the bike chain is oiled and running smoothly.

Next you will want to replace any parts that are heavily damaged and you may want to change the seat into one that more comfortable or simply appeals to your child’s taste.

Step 2: Add the Paint and Sparkle

Maybe your daughter isn’t interested in sparkle on her bike but you will want to add features that she does enjoy. Start by pressure washing the paint off of the metal parts of the bicycle. If the paint is not chipped then you may choose to simply paint over it with white paint before repainting with a new color.

It’s best to do any type of paint job semi-indoors and with spray paint. You do not want the wind to blow paint splatter all over your car or your neighbors property. Consider working in the garage with the door open. Ventilation is critical when using spray paint. You should also be sure to wear a mask. Spray paint allows you to apply a smooth, even finish to the bicycle which results in a professional appearance.

Depending on the age of your child, you may want to add some streamers to the handles or a basket on the front of the bicycle. Be sure to also add a water bottle to help encourage proper hydration while riding around the neighborhood.

Step 3: Make it Hers

The last step in upcycling a girls bike is to add a special something that makes it perfect for your little girl. Many girls are into dolls which means that adding a doll bicycle seat to the back may be a good choice. Top off the entire project by picking up a new bicycle helmet for your child that matches the theme of the bike. Be sure the stop by the local police station or fire department to have your child’s head size measured to be sure that the helmet fits properly.

Riding a bike is a much better activity for children than playing video games. You can encourage this healthy habit by planning family biking trips down the local rail trail or bicycle path. Whenever your child is heading out on the bike, be sure that she is accompanied by friends and knows the rules of where she can and cannot go.

Three Simple Eco-Friendly Home Improvement Ideas

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1. Solar Panels

Having a renewable energy source in your home is one of the best things you can do these days. Not only does it decrease your energy bill but it will also decrease your carbon foot print! The price of installing solar panels has dropped by nearly 60% over the past 5 years, making it quite affordable for a lot of home owners these days. For home owners who convert to solar energy by 2016, you can get a 30% tax credit with tax incentives like the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC). It is getting easier and easier to convert to solar energy so you are able to make this great decision to help out the environment and your community! If you don’t own your own home but are interested in making that purchase soon, keep in mind that with a minimum of 580 credit score mortgage companies these days will accept a down payment on a new home for as little as 3.5%, so go out there and purchase your dream home and convert it to solar energy before 2016!


2. Vegetable and Herb Gardens

 This is by far the easiest and most beneficial eco-friendly home improvement you can make! It is not as hard as it sounds, just pick a small area of your yard to put your garden in, fence it with a light and affordable wire fencing to keep the critters out, put in some planting soil (preferably chemical free) and start planting your seeds! I would advise you to go to your local home improvement store and ask as many questions as you can about what vegetables grow well in your region, and which vegetables you should grow together since many times crops can be complimentary to each other and help enrich the quality of the soil they are grown in. As far as herbs are concerned, you can grow them very easily indoors or outdoors, all it takes is a bit of watering and attention and you’ll have fresh herbs every day.

3. Feed the bees

 Planting herbs and flowers in your garden that bees enjoy is truly an invaluable asset to the environment and your community. Bees are so vital to life as we know it, and with their rapid disappearance we face really big problems if we don’t do something to help save the bees. Avoid using any pesticides since they are bad for humans but they are also bad for bees too. You can place a bee block in your garden, which is simply a block of wood with various sized holes in it for wood-nesting bees. You can also place small mounds of dirt near any lakes or small watering sources, for the burrowing bees to set up their little homes in. But if you’re not comfortable with the idea of having a bunch of bees in your yard, you can always support your local bee farmers by donating to them and purchasing honey from them!

Spin Off Benefits of Frac Sand Mining To Surrounding Communities

With the growing concern about the environmental effects, especially the ill effects of oil and natural gas, there has been a growing consciousness about fracking and sand mining all over United States of America. As technology is advancing year by year, the expectations of common man has also been increasing with an eye towards protecting the environment and saving the surrounding communities from the ill effects of frac sand mining. The geological formations that lack the prosperity of oil and natural gas and free flow of these from the wells have dramatically changed the future of Oil and Natural Gas industry in the US.

Why would anyone care about the frac sand mining? The main reason is the underlying benefits associated with it(get a quote here). Though there are number of disadvantages associated with frac sand mining, they still have a few benefits. This article talks about various benefits of frac sand mining.

sand frac mining

General Benefits

The economic benefits of sand mining are planting roots. Besides this, the epicenter of natural gas and oil boom is also thriving. This also triggers the resurgence in the local freight rail. Frac sand mining attracts new avenues in jobs and helps the farmers to a great extent. This increase in the demand of fracking of oil and natural gas has created a great demand for frac sand companies to build their empire.

Labor Saving and Technological Change

Though labor productivity is more as compared to the labor requirements, sand mining has always emerged as the surface mining operation. Many of the manual processes have been eliminated by the automated and automatic techniques with the advancement of technology. This is just a onetime investment; hence there is no cost of paying the additional labor. Hence, many companies are cutting down their labor and introducing the latest technologies in the market. With lesser number of labors, the industry is able to survive and produce the same quality work with the most modern tools. Since the processing involves mechanical process like crushing the sand stone, washing, sorting, chemical coating is being performed using the automated processes with the help of new technologies. This can be slightly disadvantages as some people might lose their job. But the weight age of advantages is higher.

Broader American experience

This property is closely related to economic development through mining. This is not unusual or surprising at all. Though mining dependent communities are termed as unemployed and below poverty line, Federal efforts in improving the quality of life of the mining community is continuous.


Mining and local economy have very loose coupling. The reason being all the machinery, vehicles, raw materials and chemicals will have to be imported from elsewhere. This will again impact the local economy. This ripple or the spillover usually affects the settings in a very small quantity which is of great advantage for the miners.

High paying

Mining industry offers one of the highest paying jobs among all the jobs adding to our local economy. Hence there is every possibility that mining can replace other dependent industries in the near future.

You can learn more here

Why taking care of the environment should be a community task?


Even though we all live in a society, as part of a city, or a town, or even a neighborhood, some people still don’t understand the need and the importance of working as a community, in order to achieve higher goals. None of us are born as separate entities that don’t depend on anything or anyone – we still have to use the roads, breathe in the air, take out our dogs walking or go for a stroll with our children or even for a bike ride on the weekend. If we detach ourselves from everything and everyone, and say that we will do everything we need by ourselves, then it is very likely that our cities will not have trees, parks, walks, or even playgrounds for our children to play in. Working as a community, especially on projects and ideas that involve taking care of the environment, like planting trees, or arranging a community garden, or cleaning the area around the neighborhood and preserving the vegetation that exists there, not only will ensure a higher quality of living for us, but also, for our children.

First of all, community projects that involve ameliorating or taking care and preserving the environment are better that someone performing that task alone, is that things are done quicker. Not only does it mean a collaborative approach, with more hands to do the job, but also a variety of skills of people from that community – for example if a huge tree trunk has fallen as a result of a natural disaster, and the area is still inaccessible by specialists, if someone in your neighborhood is familiar with the job, then they, together with other men, can try to remove that tree. This also applies to planting a community garden – if one person has to plant it, and they are busy with work and other responsibilities and duties, planting that garden may take months, whereas if every person in the community plants at least one plant on a Sunday afternoon, you already have a garden!

Secondly, performing community projects collectively makes people approach these with more responsibility. It is one thing to know and to plan to do something by yourself as a hobby and a side- project, when you have the freedom to procrastinate, or you can forget to do it. And it is a different scenario, when it is a community project, because that means that you are responsible for showing up and helping out others. If you know that the completion of a community playground depends on you, you will make it a priority to show up and help, whereas if you know that you can do it whenever you have time, it does not necessarily mean that that time will come.

Thirdly, performing some tedious, but necessary tasks like cleaning the forest, or cutting down tree branches around your neighborhood may be quite boring to do by yourself, if it is a community task, it may become interesting, as you will simultaneously socialize with others, while performing the task at hand. After completing the project, you can also enjoy some free time to bond with your neighbors, how does renting a boat and going fishing on a beautiful lake sound? What about sharing a beer over a baseball game? There are many ways in which you can turn a difficult project that requires a lot of time to finish into a quality time that you will spend outside in the fresh air with others, some of who may be your friends already, or into an activity that you can enjoy after all the work is done.

Such as curling up after a hard day of time with others accomplishing projects together with your loved one and enjoy each other. Maybe taking a glimpse at how to please that special someone and show them just how to last longer in bed without pills. A little extra enjoyment after an extra day of work to enjoy your special time with the one that completes you.