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Three Simple Eco-Friendly Home Improvement Ideas

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1. Solar Panels

Having a renewable energy source in your home is one of the best things you can do these days. Not only does it decrease your energy bill but it will also decrease your carbon foot print! The price of installing solar panels has dropped by nearly 60% over the past 5 years, making it quite affordable for a lot of home owners these days. For home owners who convert to solar energy by 2016, you can get a 30% tax credit with tax incentives like the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC). It is getting easier and easier to convert to solar energy so you are able to make this great decision to help out the environment and your community! If you don’t own your own home but are interested in making that purchase soon, keep in mind that with a minimum of 580 credit score mortgage companies these days will accept a down payment on a new home for as little as 3.5%, so go out there and purchase your dream home and convert it to solar energy before 2016!


2. Vegetable and Herb Gardens

 This is by far the easiest and most beneficial eco-friendly home improvement you can make! It is not as hard as it sounds, just pick a small area of your yard to put your garden in, fence it with a light and affordable wire fencing to keep the critters out, put in some planting soil (preferably chemical free) and start planting your seeds! I would advise you to go to your local home improvement store and ask as many questions as you can about what vegetables grow well in your region, and which vegetables you should grow together since many times crops can be complimentary to each other and help enrich the quality of the soil they are grown in. As far as herbs are concerned, you can grow them very easily indoors or outdoors, all it takes is a bit of watering and attention and you’ll have fresh herbs every day.

3. Feed the bees

 Planting herbs and flowers in your garden that bees enjoy is truly an invaluable asset to the environment and your community. Bees are so vital to life as we know it, and with their rapid disappearance we face really big problems if we don’t do something to help save the bees. Avoid using any pesticides since they are bad for humans but they are also bad for bees too. You can place a bee block in your garden, which is simply a block of wood with various sized holes in it for wood-nesting bees. You can also place small mounds of dirt near any lakes or small watering sources, for the burrowing bees to set up their little homes in. But if you’re not comfortable with the idea of having a bunch of bees in your yard, you can always support your local bee farmers by donating to them and purchasing honey from them!