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Ways to help the less fortunate

Many communities coordinate events to feed the homeless, or collect clothing for the needy. Some even set up play grounds for kids, or build homes like with Habitat for Humanity. Community’s band together to help each other out. That is what is best about a close nit community. They come together to find ways to support the less fortunate and add entertainment and solutions to everyday life needs.

When working with a community outreach program its very rewarding. But sometimes the thanks you get from the smile on the faces of those in need just isn’t enough. So why not do something special for all those volunteers by throwing them a party or movie night.

This can be accomplished pretty affordably. To throw a BBQ you will need a grill or smoker and the best way to find one is http://thankyouforsmokin.com. They offer many options for your needs. If this is out of your price range why not throw a movie night. A movie night can be much more affordable, you can pick up a movie projector from any local store for a pretty affordable price and get movies as low as $1.50 for rental or $5.00 for purchase. Snacks that would be really great to have at a movie night are popcorn, candy, soda, water, and pizza. All these items can be purchased pretty affordable. You don’t always have to go with the most expensive items, sometimes the cheaper option is the better option.

Community BBQs and movie nights are a great way to also give back to the community for all the hard work they have done and to give to the needy for entertainment that they could not otherwise afford. When we give back to the less fortunate we are making a better world for all. This is one of the best things you can do for your community. Many people don’t get but one meal a week or they go to a church soup line and get a meal a day. Some communities have food trucks that come around and provide sandwiches to the poor, but that isn’t in every city.

More cities and communities need to band together to help the needy and offer a little bit more support for those less fortunate. There are so many women and children who are on the streets or need help due to no fault of their own and simply are too shy or proud to ask for help. By throwing movie night or a BBQ and inviting everyone to come you are not only helping them out but you are showing them the kindness in your heart and making them feel better about themselves. Some people will come to a free community event but will not otherwise ask for help on any other day. So doing these type events can really help someone without them having to swallow their pride and ask for it.

There are many sites online that offer stuff for free, these sites are called Freecycle, but if the less fortunate have no access to a computer with internet how are they supposed to know about these sites. So throwing community events can really bring the ones that really need some help the help they need without them feeling uncomfortable about their situation.

Help your community and volunteer regularly because you never know it may be you needing the help next.

How to Coordinate a Community Clothing Swap

Old is new again when you coordinate a clothing swap in your community. The idea is that you bring your old clothes that you would donate to charity and donate them to the community. This community event isn’t about making money. It’s about helping out each other. Families are able to swap clothing that they no longer need and pick up items that are just right for them. Coordinating a clothing swap is easy when you follow these steps.

Find a Host Location – There is no reason to spend money booking a venue for your clothing swap. Instead, reach out to your local public school, church or community center about using the facility for a couple of hours on a Saturday or Sunday morning. Any of these locations should have foldable tables and chairs available for you to use.

Coordinate Snacks – Any event that has food is going to grab the attention of people in your community. Consider enlisting volunteers to donate beverages or packaged snacks – like a bake sale – for your event. You can each check with the local pizza shop to see if they would be interested in giving you a discount on pizza donated for the cause. The money collected from sales can be donated to the facility you use for the event or you can donate it to your local community fund. It is important that you use the funds as a way to give back to the community. If your neighborhood needs something specific, like new lights in the park, then focus your sales on raising money for that cause.

Distribute Flyers – You cannot have a successful clothing swap if you do not promote it. Hand out flyers around your neighborhood and see if your local school system is willing to send flyers home with the students. The flyers should state that visitors can bring any clean, gently used clothing to the swap. When they arrive, distribute the clothes in piles based on gender, clothing style and size. Attendees can wander around to the other tables and scope out items they might want to take home. Remember, there is no charge with the clothing swap. It is simply an opportunity for people to get rid of old clothes and potentially find something new.

Invite Local Venders – A great way to draw in a bigger crowd is by inviting local venders that sell their own items. This includes your favorite consultants for companies like Arbonne or Pampered Chef. These vendors can have cash and carry items on their tables and offer gift certificates as part of a free drawing. You could even incorporate a quarter auction as part of your event if you want. This is the chance for people to sell products and attendees to win a product for a fraction of the cost. Be sure to invite a mix of vendors so you have many items to choose from. You can choose jewelry representatives, home goods consultants and even local fitness consultants. If you need more ideas, you can read it here.

Donate Remaining Clothing Items – When the event is over, donate the remaining items to your local clothing drop box or goodwill. Be sure to thank all of your volunteers and those who helped make your event a success.

A clothing swap is a great way to bring your community together and help refresh your wardrobes. If you successfully pull off one then you will want to consider holding them on a quarterly or semi-annual basis.