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Indoor Community Projects, Make Old New Again Hawaiian Style!





In most communities they have town halls, community centers, and places to hold year round activities.  However, when they aren’t being used, they just sit there and wait for the next project it’s needed for.  Why not make the community areas the next project and give them a thorough scrubbing and painting from top to bottom and make that the next project.  I’m sure that old library that holds book sales once a year could use a good cleaning.  The community center hasn’t held an event in months, that’d be a great place to hold a ‘Revitalize the Community Center’ project by doing the floors and giving it a new splash of paint.  Maybe even make a theme on cleaning day. Such as Hawaiian Day where the neighborhood helpers show up with tropical shirts and the workers are handed out leis and other goodies to keep them whistling while they work.  Dollar stores are primed for these kinds of things.

I’m sure the floors need a good cleaning.  The place is probably covered in pet hair from the local dog show they had a few months back.  Pet vacuums are available to assist in that need.  Click here to see the magic that can help make all the accumulated pet hairs disappear.  There won’t be a trace that a dog show ever took place there in the library.

Have games for the kids such as attaching scrubbers on their feet and having a scrub race from end of town hall to the other end of the hall and never even really knowing that they are really scrubbing the dirt and grime off the floor.  Work is great when you don’t realize you’re actually doing some!   There’s nothing like a good floor scrubbing race to strip old wax off the floor and prepare it for a fresh waxing.  It makes what would normally be a tedious task, fun and engaging. Little dancing hula girl bobble head dancer toys from the dollar store makes for a themed trophy for the winning team.  Teams can wear matching colored leis around their necks as a fun way to show their team spirit.

Can’t scrub the floor because it’s wooden?  Sounds like some wood floor vacuum ideas are needed.  Don’t worry; I’m sure a game could be made out of that too.  It just takes a little imagination and the next thing you know is that Hawaiian day has becoming a clean and shining success.  Making any town gathering place ready for the next project, that’s for sure.  As long as more paint gets on the wall than your neighbor Fred’s kids, sounds like a winner.  You can take pride in your achievement into planning a few more events for your town and have a community cleaning project once a year.  If you do the Hawaiian theme, make sure to have a potluck meal together with your neighbors and that one of them brings that tropical cool whip marshmallow pineapple salad ‘stuff with no name’.  That person is bound to be a winner that puts that together for the afternoon or evening.  That whatever it’s called is divine!  It’s probably some boring name like plain old ‘Tropical Fruit Salad’.  You could make a game to come up with the coolest name for it.  I’m sure your community has some bright ideas when it comes to such things.