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Build Your Local Business in 3 Easy Steps



Whether you are in the business of making pastries or in the business of proofreading legal documents, there is always a way to get noticed in your community. With some easy-to-apply ground rules, take a look at some ways in which you could start to expand your business.

Get Online

Getting set up on the internet is always a big help. When someone wants to search for a service like yours in a city or town like yours, they will often just type in the key words into a search engine. They will type “sewing” and “Milton” for example and see what comes up. You want your company name to be among those that come up in the search results. Get some help with building your website if online programming is not your thing. You could always pay your child or a friend’s child to help you with the development. There are lots of website templates to choose from online that provide the framework for the website’s design. There are sony vegas pro templates if you want to look modern and cool, but there are also more basic templates if that’s what you’re looking for. Spend an afternoon with someone who can help and get your presence recognized on the internet first.

Get Noticed

Do you have a sign up outside of your local shop? If it’s flat and facing the other side of the street, that’s great for those who are looking from that point of view. But what about people who are on the same side of the street as you? Consider a mounted wall sign that sticks out from the side of the building so your business is more noticeable. There are also those folding signs you can set outside on the street so your business logo is at street level. This type of sign is great for restaurants and coffee shops but even if your business is about custom hats, people’s eyes will still be drawn to the writing on the board. Many people will probably think it’s a food menu as they approach and read it out of curiousity. By the time they are finished reading your sign, they’ve realized that it’s not about food but instead about whatever it is that you’re promoting. Even if they feel a little disappointed that they didn’t read what they expected to, the point is that they read your sign.

There are also magnetic car signs your can put on your car doors or on the back. This way your company name will be noticed and recognized as a local character over time. Whether you’re driving to get some supplies or parked outside the office, your car will be advertising while you work.

 Give Samples

This one could get tricky, depending on the business you’re in. If it’s food or wares, it may be easier to give out samples. If you work in a trade or in accounting for example, it will be more difficult to produce some sort of enticement sample. It’s easy to hand out cupcakes but not so easy to hand out tax paperwork. If you can’t hand out samples at local events, try posting your services with a prominent logo on one of the bulletin boards at your community center. You could also leave a flyer with a business card stapled to it in neighbor’s mailboxes. Don’t do that last one too often though, or it could have a negative effect of being considered junk mail.

Showing your true self to the community you’ve been helping with projects for years!

COMMUNITYYou’ve been a part of the community for years. Anytime there is a community project, you’re one of the first to throw your hat into the ring. Actually wait, you’ve never thrown your hat anywhere, as a matter of fact you really only take it off when you’re at home by yourself. You have thinning hair syndrome and feel the best way to deal with it is to wear a hat. So anytime anyone in the community you’re so eager to help sees you, they probably think you have a full head of hair under that hat, when in all actuality it’s thinning out slowly.

Now to celebrate the most recent community project, they are doing a formal evening fundraiser next month. This time, there’s no hat to hide behind. You thought about trying a hair thickening product, but you’ve recently gone green for the environment and don’t want to use products that have chemicals in it. These days you try your best to keep your lifestyle organic. So what are you to do?

Time to dust off your computer and hit the information superhighway and see what you can find. There’s got to be an alternative to aid your thinning hair without chemicals, which keeps it on an organic level. Luckily you can browse some of the best shampoos for hair loss, and find an area that’s even dedicated to organic shampoos as well. You know it’s not an overnight cure, but maybe it’ll help keep it from progressing the way it has been the last couple of years. You’re still young and there’s still time to slow down your thinning hair or stop it in its tracks.

You’ve done your part for the community for so long and never realized that no one has seen you without your hat. You’re always in a place where you can wear one or outside working on a project. It’s time to show your community who you really are. Dress up in that suit and be proud. Thinning hair can happen to anyone, young like you or older, male or even female.

To be honest, they aren’t really going to even notice, or probably even care. You’re a hard worker for your community and that’s all they really care about. You’re the one they come to when there’s building projects to be done, or fundraisers that need community involvement. They know they can always rely on you and that makes you a staple in your area.

Who knows, there might be people there that you yourself have never seen without a hat as well. It’s really not a big deal. Thinking about it though helped you find organic shampoos that help slow down thinning hair and thicken up what you have, so you actually gained something from all your worrying. So get yourself suited up for your community fundraiser formal and step in and be proud. It’s not about the hair on your head, it’s about the love for the community in your heart.

Refresh your local library with a crisp cool breeze during the summer months

COMMUNITY PROJECTSWhat’s fresher than a nice cool breeze even if you’re indoors, and not just outside? Community places like libraries this time of year might not have an air conditioner depending on your location. There’s nothing worse than a musty, dusty library with no circulation on a warm summer day. People don’t want to sit and read where it’s warm and stuffy. Not just community libraries either. There are other community locations that might need a little upgrade to get some circulation going on.

Speaking of your local library and circulation, a great way to refresh your community would be if your library doesn’t have air conditioning or fans. What better way than to have a fundraiser to refresh your local library. Put the fresh in refresh by collecting money to buy ceiling fans for your library. A place where your community can go in the summer and sit and read or browse books with a breeze of fresh air being brought down from above.

Get together as a community and have a drive to raise money for ceiling fans and regular fans as well. You can get the best ceiling fans at your local hardware store. It would be ideal to have someone that pitches in to help install them that is from your community. Maybe do it gratis or at a discount for your fundraiser being they are part of where you live. Businesses that are local and part of your town can get involved too by helping as well with donations of different kinds. Not just money but things to add to the overall appeal of your library.

After the installation, have a get together at your library on the inside so everyone can reap the benefits of their hard work and feel a sense of community togetherness through accomplishment. Set up tables and have a pot luck and maybe a book club get together. Have someone read a story to the children in your area on that day too.

You’ll be able to do things such as above now that people actually go to the library in the summer months because you have come together as a community from book clubs, to book sales, and children’s book days. No longer will the library be empty during the summer with people avoiding it and the uncomfortable stuffiness that there is hanging around there now. People can read and enjoy their public library with air circulating its way around the building.

It’s not just about the air, that’s just a start. There are probably other library fundraisers you can hold there as well. Maybe your community library needs a fresh coat of paint. The isles might need to be moved and redone. A good cleaning or redecorating project could be done too. The library is a place that is rooted in your home, where you live. Make it a place that your town can be proud of. That you come together and make the public library built by just that, the public.



Exploring the World of Phlebotomy in Your Community

When most people think of phlebotomy they just think of the person who takes your blood but they can be so much more than that. They think that it is a boring job where you just do the same thing over and over with little reward if any. That is not nearly the whole story at all. Yes, they are experts in taking blood for tests or transfusions but they can be a lot more to the patients. People very rarely think of a profession in terms of the people around the professional but maybe they should try doing that more.

A lot of people who are getting blood taken have serious illnesses or serious symptoms and are trying to get to a diagnosis. They need a friend. They go to doctors who are usually cold and don’t take into account what the person is feeling, how scared they are and how awful they feel. They call doctor offices all the time and talk to receptionists who act as if they are a burden and they feel like no one really cares about them, like they are nothing but a job to everyone. You could be the one to change all that. You could truly make people feel better, make them feel like people again.

As a phlebotomist you would be able to be the bright spot in people’s day. You could be warm, kind, caring and sweet to them. You could also be extra gentle to ensure that they suffer no more than they already are. A patient with a chronic sensitivity to pain, who can’t even be given a hug on some days, can have their whole day ruined or improved by a simple blood draw. A patent who bruises easily can have their whole week ruined by a bad or careless phlebotomist.

This job is far more important than one may assume. It make a real difference in the world. Without phlebotomists there would be no one to take the blood to be tested, to give patients the answers that that wait anxiously for, sometimes for days. Being able to help people doesn’t mean you have to become a doctor or even a nurse. All that you have to do is spend four months for your phlebotomy training and certification. It is easy to become and it makes real changes in lives.

If you want a low stress easy going job where you get the opportunity to help others, than is the job for you. After four months of training you could bring smiles to faces, be a part of something real and have a job that you can really be proud of. You have the opportunity to work full or part time so you could even get certified and do this while working you current job as well. It is such an amazing opportunity and the medical field needs those who truly want to make a real difference in the lives of others. So check it out and see if it is right for you.