Refresh your local library with a crisp cool breeze during the summer months

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COMMUNITY PROJECTSWhat’s fresher than a nice cool breeze even if you’re indoors, and not just outside? Community places like libraries this time of year might not have an air conditioner depending on your location. There’s nothing worse than a musty, dusty library with no circulation on a warm summer day. People don’t want to sit and read where it’s warm and stuffy. Not just community libraries either. There are other community locations that might need a little upgrade to get some circulation going on.

Speaking of your local library and circulation, a great way to refresh your community would be if your library doesn’t have air conditioning or fans. What better way than to have a fundraiser to refresh your local library. Put the fresh in refresh by collecting money to buy ceiling fans for your library. A place where your community can go in the summer and sit and read or browse books with a breeze of fresh air being brought down from above.

Get together as a community and have a drive to raise money for ceiling fans and regular fans as well. You can get the best ceiling fans at your local hardware store. It would be ideal to have someone that pitches in to help install them that is from your community. Maybe do it gratis or at a discount for your fundraiser being they are part of where you live. Businesses that are local and part of your town can get involved too by helping as well with donations of different kinds. Not just money but things to add to the overall appeal of your library.

After the installation, have a get together at your library on the inside so everyone can reap the benefits of their hard work and feel a sense of community togetherness through accomplishment. Set up tables and have a pot luck and maybe a book club get together. Have someone read a story to the children in your area on that day too.

You’ll be able to do things such as above now that people actually go to the library in the summer months because you have come together as a community from book clubs, to book sales, and children’s book days. No longer will the library be empty during the summer with people avoiding it and the uncomfortable stuffiness that there is hanging around there now. People can read and enjoy their public library with air circulating its way around the building.

It’s not just about the air, that’s just a start. There are probably other library fundraisers you can hold there as well. Maybe your community library needs a fresh coat of paint. The isles might need to be moved and redone. A good cleaning or redecorating project could be done too. The library is a place that is rooted in your home, where you live. Make it a place that your town can be proud of. That you come together and make the public library built by just that, the public.



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