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Help Your Community Be Prepared with Emergency Prepping

The rate at which natural disasters occur around the world is on the rise. In recent years we have seen entire communities torn apart by tornadoes and flash flooding. Today people are taking prepping for a disaster more seriously. During a state of emergency your family could be without food, clothing, shelter or other necessities for days – possibly longer. Help your community be prepared with emergency prepping.

Schedule the Event

The first thing you need to do is schedule an event and invite the members of your community. These events can be an all-day deal or they can be an evening information seminar. The most successful events involve speakers who can educate on what to do in an emergency and how to keep your family safe as well as free items that families can take home.

Invite Speakers

Next you will want to invite speakers to the event. Start with your local rescue responders. The police department, fire department and emergency medical service can teach the members of your community much of the basics. Police officers will focus on who to call and how to get to safety during an emergency and what supplies you should have on hand, like a good tactical flashlight. The fire department will focus on where you can protect yourself and what to do when you find yourself stranded without anyway to contact help. The EMS team will teach your community members life-saving techniques for treating injuries and how you can help each other during a storm.

You should also invite speakers who are focused on prepping. These are people who stockpile goods in case of an emergency. They can offer practical advice on food storage, growing and canning/dehydrating your own food, must-have items in event of a storm and much more.

Get Donations

Organizations such as the Red Cross are likely to donate to your cause. They can donate things your community members need such as a good flashlight, thermal blankets and first aid kits. These free items are just part of the bigger picture of things that are necessary during an emergency. Freebies are also an easy way to encourage people to come to your event. You may also want to get donations from local merchants for basic items such as toilet paper or paper towels that can be used in the prepping project.

Have a Prepping Project

The best way to really convince people they are prepared for an emergency is with a prepping project. Invite the people in your neighborhood to all bring a large plastic tote to the event. Show them what kinds of items should be in that tote such as a clothing, food, clean drinking water, basic toiletries, batteries and lanterns.

Explain how these items are important and what multiple uses they may have. You can also discuss pre-packaged foods that take up minimal room in the box. Remind people that in an emergency, you often only have a few minutes to get the important things from your house and get out. Educate your community on where to store their emergency kit for easy access and the importance of having a secondary kit for pets. You will also want to focus on how much of each item should be in these kits. Remember that during some disasters people can be stranded for days or even weeks.