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Why a Phlebotomist is Good for Your Community



A good community relies on a number of wholesome characteristics. It should be well rounded and provide its residents with a range of goods and services. It shouldn’t overload on one type of store or product, as that makes it less likely to withstand sudden change. It should be clean, and tidy, and give its residents a space to be educated and healthy.

On that last point, health, it’s easy to under-think. A decent medical centre is usually in the offing, but have you ever thought about whether your community needs a phlebotomist? There’s plenty of phlebotomy information out there on what a phlebotomist does, but we’re going to break it down to just the basics.

-       What Is It?

A Phlebotomist is the fancy name for someone who collect and analysis blood samples. It’s a simple procedure, but one that has important ramifications. If your community has no way of testing blood, then all samples from all residents must be shipped off elsewhere. There they are tested and sent back again. The room for error is greatly increased, as are the cost.

-       Why bother?

A phlebotomist is a respectable position in the medical community. It commands a decent salary, usually averaging in and around the mid-30s. You’ll not only be helping out the residents, but you’ll be adding a vital member of society, someone with brains and intelligence and drive and skill. A good phlebotomist will also be able to set up a blood bank system. Giving blood is extremely important and it’s something we don’t do enough, but your newest resident could help set up a drive, and stock pile for when the community needs it most.

-       How Do I Become One?

If the idea of a phlebotomist appeals to you, it’s relatively straight forward to become one. All you have to do is put the time, energy and money into an accredited course. Usually, a two year degree will suffice, which is far less than most other medical jobs. Some states make you work a certain number of hours before you are certified, but view this as work experience and it makes more sense. Double check what your state requires, and then jump on board the phlebotomy train. It’s a great job with real benefits, both to you and your community. You can also find additional information at http://healthcareincomes.com/.


3 Reason Your Community Needs a Plasma Donation Center

phlebotomist trainig center

phlebotomist trainig centerA plasma donation center is a location where healthy individuals can go and donate their plasma which is then used for patients with a variety of medical illnesses. The process is fairly simple. A person goes into the clinic, fills out the necessary paper work and then is screened for donation. This first step takes approximately an hour and a half depending on the volume and size of the plasma center. Approved individuals are then brought to the donor floor where they can enjoy a movie while a machine withdraws their blood, filters out the white blood cells and then returns the remaining blood.

Reason #1: Job Creation – Plasma centers have a variety of employees which include individuals who work the main desk, distribute payments, screen blood, assist patients on the donor floor, collect plasma, fill out necessary center documents, ship plasma and work in the back storage room. Even a small center can create 30 or more new jobs for a community. Many of the employees will need to visit a phlebotomist training center to learn the necessary skills for their jobs. The guidelines for this profession vary state to state. If you are looking for phlebotomy classes in Texas then you will find that the process is rather quick. You can earn your certificate at a dedicated training center or through a technical college.

Reason # 2: Tax Incentives – Every community struggles with having enough money to take care of the basics such as road repairs. This is why it is important for businesses to exist in communities. They help bring more people and tax incentives into the area which translates into more cash to be used for public works projects. Adding a plasma donation center will open up one of these tax incentives for your community. As the business grows and is able to generate more plasma distributed for medical needs, the center and community will earn more incentives to help keep the business there.

Reason # 3: Income for Donors – The main reason why plasma centers are so successful is because they pay their donors. First time visitors typically receive a higher rate for the first few donations than on-going visitors. First time payouts can range from $20-$50 per session. You can donate up to two times per week. This means that in the first two weeks, a person has the chance of earning up to $200 which is paid out immediately after donation is completed.

To keep people coming back and donating more and more, the plasma center also offers bonuses and monetary giveaways for donors. The more you donate, the more money you are eligible to earn or win. Some promotions offer prize drawings of up to $2000. In an area where individuals are particularly tight on cash, a plasma donation center can be the solution for them.

Plasma centers are most popular in areas where there is at least two colleges. You must be 18-years old and drug and disease free to donate. Blood is tested at each donation to quickly detect any changes in your health. To get started with a plasma donation center in your neighborhood you should contact the nearest plasma center group such as DCI Biologicals and allow them to guide your through the process of petitioning for this type of business in your area.

Exploring the World of Phlebotomy in Your Community

When most people think of phlebotomy they just think of the person who takes your blood but they can be so much more than that. They think that it is a boring job where you just do the same thing over and over with little reward if any. That is not nearly the whole story at all. Yes, they are experts in taking blood for tests or transfusions but they can be a lot more to the patients. People very rarely think of a profession in terms of the people around the professional but maybe they should try doing that more.

A lot of people who are getting blood taken have serious illnesses or serious symptoms and are trying to get to a diagnosis. They need a friend. They go to doctors who are usually cold and don’t take into account what the person is feeling, how scared they are and how awful they feel. They call doctor offices all the time and talk to receptionists who act as if they are a burden and they feel like no one really cares about them, like they are nothing but a job to everyone. You could be the one to change all that. You could truly make people feel better, make them feel like people again.

As a phlebotomist you would be able to be the bright spot in people’s day. You could be warm, kind, caring and sweet to them. You could also be extra gentle to ensure that they suffer no more than they already are. A patient with a chronic sensitivity to pain, who can’t even be given a hug on some days, can have their whole day ruined or improved by a simple blood draw. A patent who bruises easily can have their whole week ruined by a bad or careless phlebotomist.

This job is far more important than one may assume. It make a real difference in the world. Without phlebotomists there would be no one to take the blood to be tested, to give patients the answers that that wait anxiously for, sometimes for days. Being able to help people doesn’t mean you have to become a doctor or even a nurse. All that you have to do is spend four months for your phlebotomy training and certification. It is easy to become and it makes real changes in lives.

If you want a low stress easy going job where you get the opportunity to help others, than is the job for you. After four months of training you could bring smiles to faces, be a part of something real and have a job that you can really be proud of. You have the opportunity to work full or part time so you could even get certified and do this while working you current job as well. It is such an amazing opportunity and the medical field needs those who truly want to make a real difference in the lives of others. So check it out and see if it is right for you.