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Spin Off Benefits of Frac Sand Mining To Surrounding Communities

With the growing concern about the environmental effects, especially the ill effects of oil and natural gas, there has been a growing consciousness about fracking and sand mining all over United States of America. As technology is advancing year by year, the expectations of common man has also been increasing with an eye towards protecting the environment and saving the surrounding communities from the ill effects of frac sand mining. The geological formations that lack the prosperity of oil and natural gas and free flow of these from the wells have dramatically changed the future of Oil and Natural Gas industry in the US.

Why would anyone care about the frac sand mining? The main reason is the underlying benefits associated with it(get a quote here). Though there are number of disadvantages associated with frac sand mining, they still have a few benefits. This article talks about various benefits of frac sand mining.

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General Benefits

The economic benefits of sand mining are planting roots. Besides this, the epicenter of natural gas and oil boom is also thriving. This also triggers the resurgence in the local freight rail. Frac sand mining attracts new avenues in jobs and helps the farmers to a great extent. This increase in the demand of fracking of oil and natural gas has created a great demand for frac sand companies to build their empire.

Labor Saving and Technological Change

Though labor productivity is more as compared to the labor requirements, sand mining has always emerged as the surface mining operation. Many of the manual processes have been eliminated by the automated and automatic techniques with the advancement of technology. This is just a onetime investment; hence there is no cost of paying the additional labor. Hence, many companies are cutting down their labor and introducing the latest technologies in the market. With lesser number of labors, the industry is able to survive and produce the same quality work with the most modern tools. Since the processing involves mechanical process like crushing the sand stone, washing, sorting, chemical coating is being performed using the automated processes with the help of new technologies. This can be slightly disadvantages as some people might lose their job. But the weight age of advantages is higher.

Broader American experience

This property is closely related to economic development through mining. This is not unusual or surprising at all. Though mining dependent communities are termed as unemployed and below poverty line, Federal efforts in improving the quality of life of the mining community is continuous.


Mining and local economy have very loose coupling. The reason being all the machinery, vehicles, raw materials and chemicals will have to be imported from elsewhere. This will again impact the local economy. This ripple or the spillover usually affects the settings in a very small quantity which is of great advantage for the miners.

High paying

Mining industry offers one of the highest paying jobs among all the jobs adding to our local economy. Hence there is every possibility that mining can replace other dependent industries in the near future.

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