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Why taking care of the environment should be a community task?


Even though we all live in a society, as part of a city, or a town, or even a neighborhood, some people still don’t understand the need and the importance of working as a community, in order to achieve higher goals. None of us are born as separate entities that don’t depend on anything or anyone – we still have to use the roads, breathe in the air, take out our dogs walking or go for a stroll with our children or even for a bike ride on the weekend. If we detach ourselves from everything and everyone, and say that we will do everything we need by ourselves, then it is very likely that our cities will not have trees, parks, walks, or even playgrounds for our children to play in. Working as a community, especially on projects and ideas that involve taking care of the environment, like planting trees, or arranging a community garden, or cleaning the area around the neighborhood and preserving the vegetation that exists there, not only will ensure a higher quality of living for us, but also, for our children.

First of all, community projects that involve ameliorating or taking care and preserving the environment are better that someone performing that task alone, is that things are done quicker. Not only does it mean a collaborative approach, with more hands to do the job, but also a variety of skills of people from that community – for example if a huge tree trunk has fallen as a result of a natural disaster, and the area is still inaccessible by specialists, if someone in your neighborhood is familiar with the job, then they, together with other men, can try to remove that tree. This also applies to planting a community garden – if one person has to plant it, and they are busy with work and other responsibilities and duties, planting that garden may take months, whereas if every person in the community plants at least one plant on a Sunday afternoon, you already have a garden!

Secondly, performing community projects collectively makes people approach these with more responsibility. It is one thing to know and to plan to do something by yourself as a hobby and a side- project, when you have the freedom to procrastinate, or you can forget to do it. And it is a different scenario, when it is a community project, because that means that you are responsible for showing up and helping out others. If you know that the completion of a community playground depends on you, you will make it a priority to show up and help, whereas if you know that you can do it whenever you have time, it does not necessarily mean that that time will come.

Thirdly, performing some tedious, but necessary tasks like cleaning the forest, or cutting down tree branches around your neighborhood may be quite boring to do by yourself, if it is a community task, it may become interesting, as you will simultaneously socialize with others, while performing the task at hand. After completing the project, you can also enjoy some free time to bond with your neighbors, how does renting a boat and going fishing on a beautiful lake sound? What about sharing a beer over a baseball game? There are many ways in which you can turn a difficult project that requires a lot of time to finish into a quality time that you will spend outside in the fresh air with others, some of who may be your friends already, or into an activity that you can enjoy after all the work is done.

Such as curling up after a hard day of time with others accomplishing projects together with your loved one and enjoy each other. Maybe taking a glimpse at how to please that special someone and show them just how to last longer in bed without pills. A little extra enjoyment after an extra day of work to enjoy your special time with the one that completes you.